Apple’s new chip dominates the Mac Pro well

Apple's new chip dominates the Mac Pro well

Apple made several big announcements during its first conference of the year. Dubbed “Peek Performance”, the keynote focused on the brand’s most powerful products, in particular the M1 Ultra chip, which will equip the new Mac Studios.

Barely announced, the new Apple chip has already appeared on Geekbench. This first outdoor test confirms Apple’s announcements and the M1 Ultra chip surpasses the performance of the highest-end Mac Pro with a 28-core Intel chip.

The M1 Ultra chip proves that it is above the rest

According to Geekbench data, the Mac Studio with the 20-core M1 Ultra chip scored a single-core score of 1793 and a multi-core score of 24055. A real slap in the face for Apple’s Mac Pro with its Intel Xeon W chip. The latter indeed displays single-core scores of 1152 and a multi-core score of 19951.

As announced by Apple, the M1 Ultra processor is 56% faster than the 28-core Mac Pro when it comes to single-core performance. For multi-core performance the M1 Ultra is 21% faster than the Mac Pro. Very impressive results but a little below Apple’s announcements.

A benchmark slightly below the announcements

Indeed, the Apple brand claimed that the M1 Ultra was up to 60% faster than the Mac Pro. If the first results of Geekbench are a little lower, it could be that the test chip used in this comparison was not as optimized as those which will be available from March 18 when the Mac Studio is marketed.

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As a reminder, this computer is already available for pre-order but it will only be delivered in about ten days, or even longer depending on the compositions of Soc and storage requested. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before having new estimates of the chip’s capacities.

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