Approved and failed for Madrid against Sevilla: the heroes were on the bench

Approved and failed for Madrid against Sevilla: the heroes were on the bench

Courtois: Unprecedented and that, in a game with goals and in the case of the Belgian, is not positive. He could not do anything in the goals, because the barrier failed him, first, and Lamela finished off very alone. The problem is that Madridismo is accustomed to heroics.

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Luke: Ancelotti’s big surprise, because everyone was waiting for Nacho. Lucas played as a long-distance winger. He delivered in defense and in attack he was a winger, with Valverde more focused on midfield work. He threw several unchecks when Sevilla was better, but they did not find him. Although Óliver Torres made a dribble against him on the side of highlight at the beginning of a play that did not end in a goal by a little. He put a sensational center to Vinicius that the Brazilian ended up cageing in a disallowed goal that would have been the tie.

Military: Horrible in the first 45 minutes. In the first goal of Sevilla it opens in the barrier and Rakitic places it there. In the second, he was unable to win the race against Papu, when he seemed to have positional superiority and the Argentine gave Lamela the goal. With the passage of time he began to sing and released a tremendous shoe in the 52nd minute. He was safe in the air, but his initial nerves cost the Whites too dearly.

Praise: He did not appear in the photo of the goals. Of course, it was not his best game. He tried to get the ball neat and, already in the second half, he could have cost Madrid the third. A header pass that was too soft and horizontal ended up in Rafa Mir’s boots. Luckily, Kroos pulled her out.

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Carvajal: Very complicated test for the Leganés winger, being a starter on the left of the defense for the sixth time in his entire career. He not only passed, but also got an A. Ancelotti surprised with the decision, but he was not out of tune in defense and attack he got on well with Vinicius. He handed the outside to the Brazilian to attack with his natural leg and that’s how Rodrygo’s goal came, with what was his third assist of the season. In the middle of the comeback, a back pass to Nacho, already on the right, ended in the equalizer for the man from Madrid.

Camavinga: Blur to his last games. He started impetuous, with a shot that went high after five minutes. But soon that ardor became an enemy with the passage of time. After half an hour he saw a yellow card when he cut off a start of play and shortly after, already as a pivot after exchanging positions with Kroos, he was about to be sent off after a foul from behind on Martial that the referee did not whistle. He didn’t impose the pressure on him and stepped back from his pending task: controlling his impulses. Substituted at the break by Rodrygo.

modric: Al tran-tran at the beginning, like everyone. He was intoning himself until he managed the best white minutes. He delivered a trademark pass to Benzema in the 47th minute that Benzema was unable to remove the tie from. The blur of him was the goal of his compatriot Rakitic. First it was him who committed the foul and then he did not get along with Militao at the barrier. He ended up being substituted.

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Kroos: He started as ‘5’ and could not detect Papu Gómez at any time, nor did he participate in the creation. After half an hour, Ancelotti changed him to his usual place. Much more comfortable in the second half, with possession as an ally, and a much more recognizable Kroos could be seen.

Valverde: First empty part of the Uruguayan, without incidence in the high pressure, it was not a solution in the exit with conductions either. Unusual in a footballer who was clearly on the rise. Like all of Madrid, he changed the film in the second 45 minutes and, without Camavinga or Casemiro, he was the one who dismantled Lopetegui’s midfield in a darker task than on other nights.

Benzema: In the first part the usual Benzema was not seen. Even so, faced with loneliness, he played a game in the 43rd minute in the area that ended in a very forced shot. In minute 47 he received a ball with a bow from Modric, stood up to Bono and, surprisingly for what he is used to, lost the game against the Sevilla goalkeeper, who made a save. From then on, with Madrid sharpened, much more recognizable, he did not want to miss his date with the goal. He put on his cape in stoppage time and sealed the comeback. The Pichichi with capital letters continues to make merits in his career for the Ballon d’Or.

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Vinicius: Always active. Obviously, Sevilla’s dominance penalized him in the first half, although it was the white oasis when he had the opportunity to face. After the snack he combined with Carvajal in a yours-mine that ended with the side giving the 2-1 to Rodrygo. Incisive and tireless, in the middle of the white barrage he controlled with his chest and volleyed what would have been 2-2, but Cuadra Fernández considered that he touched with his hand and did not get on the scoreboard. He participated in the 3-2, with a heel pass to Rodrygo.

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Rodrygo: Action Reaction. The Brazilian, as against Chelsea, wet when things were worse for his team and as soon as he entered. He came on for Camavinga at half-time and finished off Carvajal’s assist four minutes later. He hadn’t scored in LaLiga for 11 months and showed that, in hot moments, his goal doesn’t shake… nor his aim. Very mobile, as always. He needed to score to remove the backpack of doubts. He capped off his performance with an assist to Benzema at the buzzer. big night

Nacho: Arrive and kiss the saint for the white substitutes. If Rodrygo made the first as soon as he left, the defender, who came in for Lucas, did the same and finished off, as if it were a ‘9’, and finished off the 2-2.

Asensio: He replaced Modric in the 81st minute and had little impact on the game. He has momentarily lost touch with Rodrygo.

Marian: He left for Benzema to lose time.


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