Approved and failed of the National Team against Portugal

Aprobados y suspensos de la Selección ante Portugal

Approved and failed of the National Team against Portugal

Eleven without big surprises in the Selection. Showed up Azpilicueta instead of Carvajal, still tired from the effort in the Champions League final. Diego Llorente played with Paul Torres back and to usually do entered with Gavi and Busquets in the center of the field. The forward was as expected, with Sarabia, Ferran and Morata. This was the one by one of the Selection

Unai Simon. More protagonist with his feet, to get the ball played, than with his hands, however, he made a saving save in the second half. Attentive and concentrated.

Azpilicueta. He had to dance with Leao, but he held it in well. Expert.

Diego Llorente. If not on the list, to ownership. He was seen engaged in work and concentrated.

Paul Torres. Very well established for a long time. Sober.

Jordi Alba. The National Team attacked with more sense on their side. The triangle with Gavi and Sarabia was finer, at least on an offensive level, than that of Azpilicueta. It penalizes him that Portugal’s goal came that way and that he missed a goal sung at the last minute.

Sergio Busquets. Undisputed leader of the Selection. He speeds up the game on offense; protects you on defense. He saw a manual yellow almost at the end to cut, as he should, a counterattack.

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Carlos Soler. In a function very similar to that of Koke, it gives balance. He catches the coach’s eyes, like many others because he is a tactically disciplined player. He came close to making it 2-0 after a great pass from Gavi, but missed in two counts.

Gavi. Motivated, active, spicy. He generated the 1-0 action and put another excellent ball to Carlos Soler, who missed the 2-0 option. In the second part, another candy for Morata, but he failed.

Fernando Torres. Vague. It gives a lot of presence to your band but you need to tune up more on the vertical drives. He played in the line in which he finished the season with Barça, badly.

Sarabia. Clairvoyant in the action of the goal to put the ball to Morata. He has a lot of collective sense of the game and that pleases the coach. He was active.

Morata. Goal number 26 in 53 games with the National Team. The movement of him to pass the ball and then run to the spot where he received from Sarabia to complete, perfect.

Luis Enrique made four changes

Koke. He replaced Carlos Soler to maintain balance in the team

Elm. He left for Ferran to put energy. The change sent Sarabia to the right. It must be reproached that on his and Alba’s side the goal came at the time of the change.

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Raul de Tomas. He gave Morata a break. He played as a striker and unloaded the game well when he played. He made a spectacular shot but was left over in the next touch, from outside, losing a golden opportunity in a counterattack

Mark Llorente. He contributed work and made an uncheck that De Tomás saw, but he did not arrive in time to finish off.


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