Aprilia SR-GT 125, an urban, trail-style and sporty scooter

Aprilia SR-GT 125, an urban, trail-style and sporty scooter

The division of scooters that can be driven with a car license (up to 125cc) has returned to pre-pandemic sales levels. A form of mobility that wins followers like substitute for cars and public transport due to the simplicity of handling, the unrestricted access to low emission areas of cities and low fuel consumption.

A new competitor enters the market. aprilia back to category eighth Of A Liter, for which it was not allowed to be seen from more than five years ago with the SR Max 125, with a model that exudes personality. It cannot be nailed in a single niche, since it is an urban model, a GT, a sports car and, in addition, it has a trail style that combines the best of each field with a strong identity.

The Italian firm has called this concept “urban adventure” in which its radius of action, apart from the city, are the bypass roadssecondary roads and even dirt roads.

A complete equipment

At first glance it stands out for a very successful aesthetic. The front reminds flagship Of the brand, the Aprilia RSV4 RR. In general, its size is assimilated to those of the larger displacement scooters. In the side profile, marked motorcycle lines are distinguished, thanks to its sharp shapes. The assembly is supported on a steel tube double cradle chassis and a pair of long-travel suspensions.

Aprilia SR-GT 125, an urban, trail-style and sporty scooter
Due to its shapes and size, it resembles larger displacement scooters.

In the front train mounts a showa fork with 33 millimeter diameter bars and a 122 millimeter travel, unrivaled among its competitors. In the rear equip two shock absorbers of the same double-acting brand and coil springs that offer five preload positions in 102 millimeters of travel. His considerable ground clearance and mixed tires They allow you to easily avoid obstacles in urban driving and even small incursions on dirt tracks.

The instrumentation is completely digital, with an LCD screen where all the information necessary for driving is displayed. In addition, it has a connection to smartphone via Bluetooth (available as an option) through the App Aprilia Miawhich is controlled from the ‘Mode’ button‘ on the left pineapple. The space under the seat, 25 litres, accepts a full face helmet and some other object.

On going

The driving position is very correct with enough space for the pilot. Count with one wide motorcycle-style handlebar naked which allows great control over the scooter. His single cylinder engine four-stroke, four-valve delivery a power of 15 hpit manages perfectly in the city traffic and offers a adequate acceleration and top speed to move on ring roads and highways.

It has a Star&Stop system to stop and start at idle which works perfectly, no lag when opening the throttle. Takes care of it brushless electric motor which is mounted directly on the crankshaft and which helps reduce consumption.

Aprilia SR-GT 125, an urban, trail-style and sporty scooter
Thanks to the 11 kW (15 CV) of its motor, it moves freely around the city and surroundings

The mixed tires provide excellent grip on asphalt allowing curves to be traced smoothly, aided by the general poise of its front train. The long travel suspensions They work around potholes, sewers and ground irregularities with impeccable solvency for a scooter. Refering to combined braking (without ABS)acts progressively and with a good bite.

In short, a new model that is going to wage war in the competitive 125 cc segment. An ideal vehicle for those who have a B car license and with an aesthetic that is out of the ordinary in the market.

the range

The Aprilia SR-GT 125 It is already in the dealerships of the brand and it is offered in two versions, the standard and the Sport. In the latter, the graphics of the plastics stand out, reminiscent of the RS range of the house and some more sporty finishes. Furthermore, each version enjoy three different color tones. These are their prices:

  • Aprilia SR-GT 125: €3,999
  • Aprilia SR-GT 125 Sport: €4,099

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