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Last week, information reached us about a subscription system proposed by Apple which would approximate leasing in the automotive sector. According to Bloombergthis initiative would thus give the possibility of recovering an iPhone without paying for it directly and by subscribing to a simple monthly subscription.

Apple customers are used to subscriptions

Since then, the general public and experts have questioned the relevance of such a strategy. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) recently looked into this idea. According to their study based on customer habits, a significant portion of them could be tempted by such a subscription service.

Quoted by our colleagues from patentlyappleJosh Lowitz, partner and co-founder of the CIRP notes that “ based on current consumer behavior, iPhone users are ready to adopt a subscription service that provides an iPhone with useful applications. He also notes that many customers are already financing their new smartphones by selling their old device, while phone rental is becoming more democratic.

For his part, Mike Levin, partner and co-founder of the CIRP, recalls that Apple ” also offers essential applications by monthly subscription. Paid iCloud storage has been around the longest, and about two-thirds of iPhone owners pay for its monthly subscription. Apple Music is the paid streaming service that replaced iTunes, and nearly half of iPhone owners subscribe to it in a fiercely competitive music streaming market. He concludes his development by citing Apple TV+ in the very crowded video streaming market.

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Recently Apple merged all of these services into a single offer: Apple One. Therefore, customers are used to the fact that Apple offers subscriptions. So it wouldn’t be so surprising to see them turn to hardware-linked subscription.

Of course, everything depends on the prices that will be charged, but would you be tempted by such a subscription offer?

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