Are iPhones and AirPods in danger?

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Nikkei Asiaa magazine covering in particular the news of Apple’s Eastern subcontractors, ensures that the production target for the iPhone SE for the next quarter has been met. reduced by two to three million units. A figure which still represents almost a fifth of the initial quantities and which would be motivated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Indeed, the American brand anticipates inflation linked to this event and therefore thinks that customers could miss out because of the price increase. And mobiles would not be the only victims, since the AirPods would also be amputated from ten million units at the same time. A blow to the finances of their manufacturer, especially in a period of calm after the latest sales records.

Ming-Chi Kuo, for his part, assures that the confinement set up in Shanghai should not upset production on site:

Rental as an alternative

For Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley), however, the forecast could change dramatically from one-time to recurring purchases. It is rumored that Apple is preparing an iPhone rental offer, even more extensive than the services that can currently be found with the group’s bank card or via its financing plans.

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According to the analyst, an average customer spends about a dollar a day to access Cupertino devices and services. But this amount could be drastically increased with mobiles much more accessible and what is more whose income is theoretically not finished in time. An excellent pledge of loyalty conducive to attracting more investors.

Next results in a month

Apple is expected to release its revenue and profit stats around the end of April. At the same time, an exchange will also be organized between Tim Cook, Luca Maestri and the shareholders holding shares AAPL.

By then, the inventory should be enough to meet demand. iPhone SE and AirPods are currently still available in stores, with delays of a few days maximum to receive them.

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

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