Are the rich FAQ snippets less visible on Google since the December Core Update?

Are the rich FAQ snippets less visible on Google since the December Core Update?

According to some Google serps (search results pages) and specialized media tracking tools, Google could, since the algorithmic update of December 2020, limit the display of rich results associated with the FAQPage markup of Is this really translating into an overall drop in the number of rich FAQs type results around the world? Here is a comparison between the results in the United States and in France.

Display of enriched FAQs in Google search results pages in the United States: update

Overview of the evolution of the display of enriched extracts of FAQ type from early December 2020 to early January 2021 in the United States (

In the United States, according to the RankRanger tool which analyzes a certain number of enriched results from Google and the evolution of their display in the search results of many countries, the percentage of search results with enriched FAQ-type extracts dropped significantly around December 20, 2020 by going from an average of 16% of search results with at least one enriched FAQ-type extract to around 14%, i.e. a decrease of about 12.5%.

Logically, the average number of enriched FAQ-type snippets per search results page also fell from nearly 1.65 in early December to 1.5 in early January 2021.

Could this be the start of a tightening of the screws on Google’s part following the numerous abuses of use of this markup which allows SEOs and sites to give themselves greater visibility in the SERPs with a single search result? In any case, this is what these figures and analyzes of the tool can lead us to believe.

faq display usa january 2021
As of January 15, 2021, the visibility of the FAQPage markup did not improve for results, on the contrary …

However, not all countries currently seem to be impacted in the same orders of magnitude, this is particularly the case of France …

Display of enriched extracts FAQ in the Google SERPs in France: where are we?

display markup faq google seo france
Overview of the evolution of the display of enriched extracts of FAQ type from early December 2020 to early January 2021 in France (

In France, on the search results pages with at least 1 display of enriched snippet of type FAQ, the average number of SEO results with rich snippets of this type are globally stable since the algorithmic update in December in France with an average of 1.4 results per search result page, a figure that has fluctuated only slightly before, during and after the update.

The percentage of search results also having enriched FAQ-type snippets is also generally quite stable with an average of around 16% which has changed little before and after the update.

faq display france january 2021
As of January 15, 2021, in France, the visibility of the FAQPage markup remains significantly more stable although significant variations seem to take place from day to day …

Should we expect a drop in visibility for these enriched FAQ snippets?

For the moment, it is still too early to draw any conclusions on these analyzes which remain to be confirmed over time.

However, like all structured data markup, when its use becomes abusive by SEOs, Google always tends to slow down the display in one way or another. One of the most recent cases to date has been the massive loss of visibility for many sites that (improperly) tag their content to display stars in Google SERPs (although there has been a way around this update since then. ).

Sources and interpretation of third-party data

However, be careful with the data displayed in this article, if RankRanger analyzes a dataset of no less than 500,000 pages of search results, it remains a third-party tool not affiliated with Google and its data should therefore be taken with a little perspective. It is therefore recommended to follow this twice with the SEO positioning tracking tools that allow the monitoring of the display of these rich snippets for the queries that we target.

Moreover, Moz’s similar tool, the Mozcast, does not see the same trend in the US (however, the latter’s dataset is also much smaller, with only 10,000 pages of search results analyzed).


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