Are you also having a pink screen issue on your iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 bug

A certain number of iPhone 13 – still reduced to date, if we are to believe the testimonies – would have been the victim of a pink coloring of the screen for a few days. Apparently, the problem would be above all of order software, so a simple update could fix it. Unfortunately, there is still no reason to believe that the latest version of iOS (15.3 RC) does not provide a real solution to this incident for the moment.

However, the flaw would be quite annoying because in addition to shading the tint of the display, it would simply plant the cellphone. Suffice to say that Apple seems to be seriously considering the case, at least according to the first feedback that we have been able to consult.

The manufacturer reacts

Indeed, Apple would have already assured several dissatisfied customers that the bug was in no way related to a potential design error. As a result, can’t get the warranty to work two-year-old manufacturer that runs for French consumers. At best, you have to go to an official store and try to get help at no cost.

It further appears that reset his iPhone 13 settings can sometimes solve the problem, but not in all cases. Victims have been identified in particular in China, where the Genius Bar spoke about the operating system.

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A patch with iOS 15.3?

Note, however, that with a release candidate very close, iOS 15.3 still has a few days ahead of it to acquire some improvements for the general public and therefore to, perhaps, correct this bug.

When this version is released in the final version, it will therefore be wise to install it to see if the problem is automatically resolved. If this is not the case, third-party applications could also help by then, but nothing is less certain.

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