Aristeo Cázares stops being Mati Álvarez’s roommate after a lawsuit in Exatlón

Aristeo Cázares stops being Mati Álvarez's roommate after a lawsuit in Exatlón

It seems that the betrayal of Mati Álvarez to Aristeo Cázares in Exatlón All Star continues to give a lot to talk about, because although many thought that their differences would remain on the beaches of reality, now the fans have proof that the friendship of the athletes reached their The end.

And it is worth remembering that before this season began, the celebrities had begun to coexist quite a bit within the corridors of the forum, thanks to their participation as hosts in Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana, and they became so united that they even they moved in together.

Now, after all their fights in the recent edition of Exatlón, both celebrities have shared that they will no longer live together. On the other hand, through some Instagram stories of the athlete, we learned that Aris will now live with Jahir Regalado, also a former participant in the program, which would have confirmed that they no longer have a good relationship.

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