Arizona Pub Takes Advantage of Dogecoin Wave on Twitter and Says It Accepts Dogecoin as Payment

Arizona Pub Takes Advantage of Dogecoin Wave on Twitter and Says It Accepts Dogecoin as Payment

Arizona Pub Takes Advantage of Dogecoin Wave on Twitter and Says It Accepts Dogecoin as Payment For DailyBitcoin Editor

This week, crypto Twitter exploded with the negative response that McDonald’s gave Musk’s proposal that he accept Dogecoin. Well, this pub took advantage of the wave.


This story, which made the rounds this week, dates back to the power of “talkies” in Twitter. It all started with the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, joining the battalion Dogecoin to ask McDonald’s that he accept the crypto dog meme for the purchase of hamburgers, offering him in exchange that he would eat one of his famous happy meals on television. Far from encouraging the fast food chain, the response was negative, discouraging and derisive.

However, other chains were encouraged. Burger King responded with a tweet that he seemed to show some interest, although he did not make it very clear; while the delivery chain MrBeast Burger she was openly encouraged if Musk retweeted her tweet (which so far has not done).

Now, The Lost Leaf, a Phoenix, Arizona-based pub dating back to 2006, capitalized on the boom that there is in networks and tweeted about his acceptance of Doge for payments:

We will now accept #Dogecoin $DOGE for payments! A lot of beer!

Simply scan the QR code on the bar to pay with your crypto wallet. The first 3 people get a The Lost Leaf t-shirt with a @nxoeed design!

Do only good every day! #AcceptDoge @elonmusk @dogecoin @BillyM2k

Likewise, in your website you can see the QR code for these payments.

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As we see, the pub tagged Musk, as well as the co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus (aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto in Twitter). The latter replied that he would love to visit him. Instead, Elon Musk has not responded.

Following the refusal of McDonald’s, the creator of Dogecoin advised the fans what they want companies to accept Dogecoin, sayingor: “Remember that if you want companies to accept Dogecoin: stay calm! People don’t listen to idiots, show them why it’s beneficial for them! doing win-win scenarios, it shows how committed and cool the community is, don’t act entitled or angry! nobody likes that.” That says it in relation to the attitude of many fans is a bit violent.

According to data from Crypto markets, DOGE It is trading at USD $0.14 at 8:00 am New York, 3% less than yesterday at the same time, so its price continues to fall.

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