Artist exhibits “Cube of Gold” in Central Park, will launch $CAST token and raffle NFT associated with the work at the end of February – DiarioBitcoin

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Artist exhibits "Cube of Gold" in Central Park, will launch $CAST token and raffle NFT associated with the work at the end of February - DiarioBitcoin For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The work known as “Castello’s Cube / Castello’s Cube” will be on display in Central Park until the night of this February 3, and those interested in participating in the auction of the NFT they can visit your website.


the german artist Nicholas Castello surprised visitors to the iconic Central Park in New York City this morning, as he shared with all attendees his cubic sculpture of 186 kilograms of pure 24-carat gold, which will be available in the park spaces for only the present day.

While the news itself may not be news given that many other artists have made similar submissions, Castello’s team reported that he will be auctioning off NFT and trading their own digital currency, better known as CAST. The tokens in question are already available through the creator’s website at a price of EUR 0.39 per unit, and the auction of digital collectibles will take place on February 21.

About the work of Castello

As previously reported, the work in question consists of a hollow cube made with thick layers of 24-carat gold. This creation itself is not for sale, but it is estimated that its material value is around USD $11.7 million given that it has a total weight of 410 pounds.

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Castelo, the 43-year-old artist responsible for the sculpture, describes this work as a “socle du monde” for the current times. It will be on display in the spaces of Central Park until the night of this February 3, and at the moment it is not known what the next destination planned for it will be.

Castello’s cube was made in a foundry located in Switzerland, which required a special handmade furnace to support the size and volume of gold used, thus it was able to withstand the high temperatures necessary for its casting and manufacture. The work measures about half a meter on each side and the layers are almost 0.5 cm thick.

On the concept of the cube, gallery owner Lisa Kandlhofer explained:

“The cube can be seen as a kind of communication between an emerging cultural ecosystem of the 21st century based on cryptocurrencies and the ancient world where gold reigned supreme.”

Artists and the jump to NFT

Qualified as a fashion by some and as the revolution of the concept of art by others, the truth is that the NFT Today they are very popular, and their ecosystem currently moves large amounts of capital within the cryptocurrency sector, attracting both locals and strangers to this new business model based on digital assets.

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The proposal of the NFT For artists, it lies in being able to offer them greater control over the marketing of their digitized works, using the benefits of technology to do so. blockchain and the tokenization of assets, with which digital certificates are generated that serve as proof of ownership of said artistic creation.

Platforms like Open Sea They move billions of dollars weekly just in commercial activities linked to these digital assets, and to date the most expensive NFT traded to date was the work of the artist Beeple called “Everydays: The first 5,000 days”which was sold for USD $69 million.

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