Ascent or ‘Alcorconazo’ in the Mediterranean

Ascenso o 'Alcorconazo' en el Mediterráneo

The expected day arrived. On May 21, 2022 can go down in history Almeria sport together with May 19, 2007 and June 22, 2013 like the three dates that the Almeria promoted to First Division, category that lost seven years ago. The accounts are clear: if the rojiblancos they expirethey will get its objective. They could also do it in case of an unexpected puncture, achieving the same sign as Valladolid; or even losing if the Valladolid tie and Eibar lose. Either way, Ruby’s they will move away from earpieces, focusing solely on the duel against the bottom team, since it is the only team that can be promoted this Saturday without depending on itself. will be in front a Alcorcon with nothing at stakealready descended and that reaches Almeria lands with nothing to lose under the baton of Fran Fernández (follow the match live on Almería and man of the house of the UDA, who put the turning point in the 18-19 exercise to keep Almería away from relegation.

Ruby wanted to keep his team away from the euphoria, with three closed-door sessions inside the Mediterranean Games Stadium. The local technician has assured that Ramazani, out in San Sebastian after going on a stretcher in the last home game, is it availabe, while He and, with discomfort during the last weeks, it will be doubt until last minute. The Belgian could return to the starting lineup to the detriment of an Appiah who did not stand out in San Sebastian. For its part, Carricowho has not been a starter for three months, will occupy the axis of the rear in the event that finally the Italian-Brazilian, a fundamental piece during the second round. The rest of the lineup will be same what expired in San Sebastian.

Shield/Flag Almería

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The message from the rojiblanco dressing room has been that of the total caution, continuing along the marked path to certify the ascent. The Almeria arrives in good dynamicswinning their last matches (all of them without conceding), linking seven games without losing, and losing only one (Girona) in the last ten days. Besides, Ruby has achieved a remarkable defensive improvement: Valladolid, in mid-April, was the last team to beat Fernando, and Girona, in March, was the one that did the same in a Stadium of the Mediterranean Games what, today will be bursting. Tickets were sold out (controversially) last Monday to see his team rise again at home, as they did in 2007 (against Valladolid) and in 2013 (against Girona).

the best place of the category search now close his great season with a promotion that is not the only objective of the Indálica booth: he also wants a unknown title in Almería, in addition to achieving the twenty-fifth of the course tonight, something he had never achieved before. All this under the baton of a Rubi who saw how Almería was promoted in 2013 against his Girona and of a Robles who was a ball boy that day and who is now part of the Almeria squad. And all this in front of a hobby what do you expect enjoy a great party on the lawn itself at the end, with various surprises, concerts included.

Shield/Flag Alcorcón

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Fran Fernandez, the judge

The alcorcon, For his part, he traveled to Almería no qualifying goals, but with the illusion and motivation of giving the bell at the leader’s house. The potters, who have only won one of their last five meetings, They are aware of the difficulty of the stake. However, the competitive image of the potters is being good and those of Fran Fernandez they know they will have chances to turn the party on their side.

Fran Fernández, ex of Almería, now in Alcorcón.

those of Fran Fernandez they have to be a very set rocky defensively, tactically seamless and have fine aim on the occasions they have. Without a perfect match, the third worst visitor will not be able to face the best local team. The Alcorcón recovers Jurado after his sanction and the injured Bellvís and Víctor García will be absent. In their last four visits to Almería, Alcorcón has added three draws and one victory.

aces to follow

sadiq. Possibly the most differential player in the category, he is the proper name in the promotion that Almería intends to sign today. He is less individualistic.

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Jury. The compass of the center of the field returns and its participation will be vital for the development of the potter game.

The match details

Hobby. The Mediterranean Games Stadium will be full on a historic night. Tickets sold out very quickly on Monday and the fans will push on D-day.

Effectiveness. Alcorcón will have to refine their aim and take advantage of everything they have.

Dynamic. Rubi’s men face the game after winning their last four games, leaving a clean sheet in all of them. Almería is the best venue in the silver category.

tilts. The defensive order and the tactical order seems essential against a team with so much offensive power.

Ups and downs

Almeria: Rubi gives the call today. Martos and Nieto are safe casualties due to suspension.

Alcorcon: Jurado is out, while Víctor García and Bellvís are out due to injury.




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