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Lockdown Privacy is a free and open source platform that blocks trackers used by publishers to better understand your behavior by tracking it on iPhone. This comes in addition to the ATT, following changes announced by Apple with iOS 14 and aimed precisely at blocking developers who register in this process when the user decides. To do this, it would suffice to choose “Ask the app not to track my activities”When their device suggests it.

On the occasion of research shared by the Washington post (newspaper now owned by Jeff Bezos), however, it has just been proven that these measures are ineffective. Indeed, theapp tracking transparency does not reduce the number of trackers used by advertisers, who already have alternatives to circumvent this limitation. What is more, the proposed Cupertino solution would only have a reduced impact on the total number of telecommunications with third parties. They are the ones who most often receive consumer data, in order to process them on behalf of our applications.

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Respect for private life, an illusion?

According to Lockdown Privacy, personal data and statistics on the iPhone are thus collected even when you touch “Ask the app not to track my activities“. Several specific apps have also been pinned following these discoveries. We can in particular quote the mobile game Subway Surfers, which continues among other things to transmit figures (battery level, version of the system, operator…) to Facebook discreetly. The runner had already been the subject of suspicion last September.

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Another example is restaurant recommendation with Yelp, which sends targeting information to Facebook through its Graph API and to Branch. More specifically, here are thirty-nine trackers that continue to be active even after choosing to block inter-application tracking. That is only three less than having authorized it.

Note also that some, such as Starbucks cafes, still do not bother to seek the consent of Internet users. Here, the providers are Google Analytics and New Relic. As for the good student in the story, this is once again just Telegram with no tracking detected.

Apple responds

Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz has already reacted to the affair:

For Apple, tracking should be fully controllable and transparent to users. If we find that a developer is violating their choices, we will work with them to resolve the issue, or they will be banned from the App Store.“.

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