Astonishing patent describes a Mac that absorbs light


Even the models of MacBook the darker ones show it: it is still difficult to obtain a true black color with aluminum to this day. Indeed, this metal, which makes up the hull of our headed computers, behaves in a particular way in the face of light, to the point of making engineers lose their minds.

This is how those who work at Apple have devised a semblance of a solution to make this shade even deeper on a hypothetical product describes a detail with the US administration to assert the intellectual property of the idea. However, it is impossible to know the real motivations of its inventors.

To your predictions

If such a patent is likely to catch the eye of some users who have already opted for colored Macs space grey, this does not prove that Apple actually wants to market an article of this type soon. It could not even be a simple document dedicated to securing its discovery.

In other cases, however, everything suggests that Cupertino does indeed plan to unveil smart objects to the general public after having described them in this way. This is the case, for example, of a pair of connected glasses which continues to arouse rumors.

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