LifeStyle Relationships At 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and...

At 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and with a knit top


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In Mexico, Maribel Guardia It causes a sensation because of the figure he looks at 62 years old, but in Argentina, who constantly grabs headlines in the press is Catherine Fulop, who at 55 is spectacular. And this time he surprised his fans again.

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Motivation is what makes you start, but then you must learn to be disciplined, they don’t know how difficult it is, but when you want to feel good and inhabit the body you want, nothing stops you. I always talk about health, well-being, I have a positive attitude towards life. I was blonde, brunette, short hair, long, thin, robust, happy and depressed …. in life we ​​go through all seasons. That is why I want my message to multiply and understand that there is NEVER TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE’S BODY, each of us inhabits a body but we are, we feel, we do and that must go above the container. It is exhausting as a public figure to always have to like and pay attention to the ignorant and destructive criticisms that we often receive. Never compare yourself, work on your evolution, on your progress. Enjoy what you do, I love training (I’ve learned it over time) and living a healthy life and that’s why I share it. Healthy goes beyond a size, or eating vegetables … it has to do with a lifestyle, thinking, choosing and enjoying. Healthy are also the links that you choose to be able to eat a pizza with friends and have a glass of wine with my beautiful husband. May these obstacles that arise not stop us in our constant evolution. Let us go forward lovingly, without judgment, take cruelty aside and do not speak without really knowing. When the sizes are no longer magazine cover … we will have managed to build a better society. The act of comparing yourself is the thief of enjoyment. Have you ever heard him say to my #personaltrainer @verosegreto who I always thank for all the teachings, both life, training and food. Here is my #cathytips I use as a supplement to my diet a protein of vegetable origin @ampkprotein chocolate flavor that gives me chelated minerals @quelatok Nothing individually works but everything repeatedly will give its result. That is my experience over the years. The magic words .. constancy and patience !!! (It is good to always repeat them) You can order these proteins in pharmacies throughout the country and at @nutrisuplear

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The actress and announcer published in her account Instagram a black and white photo in which she posed leaning against a wall, wearing a woven top that exposed much of her bust, in addition to a thong with which she wore her rear.

Thus, the Venezuelan accepted the challenge of other celebrities to reflect the strength and union between women, with this message: “Challenge accepted. Thanks to all the women who challenged me to be together, I am convinced that we look prettier and feel stronger! Love to all of you !!! ” The flattery was immediate, by celebrities like Susana Giménez and Claudia Fernández.

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These days I know that not everything I have been doing well, I got out of control with the food more than I would like, I love to have a good glass of wine or champagne and I spend more than I should, I love desserts, the sweet; AUXILIOOOO, hahaa in a normal situation I can control all these cravings better, but on the other hand I try not to demand or punish myself if something goes wrong, we are living an extraordinary situation and then I calm down and I do not stop adding healthy things, like my salads or green juices, always as much as it costs me, because the spirit and the desire are not the same, keep moving the body, training with Beto #online or follow the coaching of my dear friend @verosegreto and feel that the Little or a lot of effort I make was worth it and it will be worth it, so I convince myself and NEVER decide to stop and never settle. Come on my mondonguer @ s 😁se loves them ♥ ️🦋 #healthylifestyle #cuarentena #gym #proteinas #clorofila

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- Advertisement -At 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and with a knit topAt 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and with a knit top

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- Advertisement -At 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and with a knit topAt 55, Catherine Fulop poses in a thong and with a knit top

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