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Mac Studio caractéristiques techniques

When it was released in November 2020, Apple hit hard, and succeeded where many thought the Cupertino company was going to break its teeth. Nearly two years later, it is with confirmed technology and a modified chip that Apple launches the very first new computer benefiting from an “M” chip. This is the Mac Studio, first name.

Equipped with the M1 Ultra chip, which is a “simple” bonding of two M1 Max chips together, this computer wants to be what the Cupertino company knows how to do best. And from the announcement of this new chip, the qualifiers are lacking to describe the power of the latter.

Very impressive, the M1 Ultra chip is suitable for a large part of the public, with an overpowered Mac Studio capable of doing everything, or almost. With the M1 Ultra, Apple offers more raw power, with a better multicore score than the best Intel processor available on a Mac Pro, but also better management of video codecs, again for a definite performance gain.

As far as photography is concerned, if the Studio Display 5K screen is going to take care of the image, the Mac Studio is again more powerful than the best Mac Pro, with better RAM capacity, but also a single-core score identical in a product half the price.

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Mac Studio: the ultimate computer?

For all these reasons, the Mac Studio has established itself among many professionals, always looking for the most powerful machine to run their software. If the benchmarks are a good indicator of the power of these computers, Engadget prefers to rely on more “concrete” data. (article available in source). The news site asked its readers what tasks they do the most, to get an idea of ​​actual usage.

In the end, a list of applications, each one more demanding than the other, came out of the lot, with well-known names such as Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve, Fusion and Blender for 3D modeling. But Engadget’s conclusions are clear, the Mac Studio dominates everything in its path.

To give some numbers, the news site estimates that the M1 Ultra chip is 40% faster than the M1 Max chip from which it is derived. This gain can go up to 80% depending on the software and the requests. Engadget gives the specific example of a test on video playback, one of the strengths of Mac Studio.

Faster than the whole market?

During this exercise, 10 8K video clips were lined up on the edit list and the M1 Ultra chip completed the requested command in just 29 seconds, while the test PC, equipped with a 16-core AMD 5950X and an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, took just under a minute.

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Even when you leave the fold of Apple, the Mac Studio seems to be without serious competition. Note, however, in favor of Apple, that such a request for power is very rare, even for professionals. With a starting price of over €2,000, the Mac Studio is a computer like no other when it comes to its performance, and that shows in its price as well.

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