Attacker steals USD $ 60 million from DeFi AnubisDAO project, affected qualify what happened as a scam – DiarioBitcoin

Attacker steals USD $ 60 million from DeFi AnubisDAO project, affected qualify what happened as a scam - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Although the team and its collaborators reported on the attack of which he was a victim AnubisDAO, Affected people brand what happened as a scam of the type Rug Pull, precisely for suspecting that it is due to an inside job.


The protocol DeFi inspired by egyptian culture, AnubisDAO, was the victim today of an attack by unknown hackers, which resulted in the theft of some USD $ 60 million from the auction group.

According to information published by various portals, the attack of which he was a victim AnubisDAO resulted in the theft of some USD $ 60 million in funds ETH. The project was operational on the platform Copper, which serves as a collective financing mechanism to promote initiatives with the support of the community.

About the attack on AnubisDAO

According to some reports associated with the case, the AnubisDAO launched liquidity pools through Balancer in which the tokens were distributed ANKH, which the interested parties could acquire in exchange for ETH. Almost at the end of the day the assets were launched, an unknown entity stole some 13,556.36 ETH from the respective group, which led to a sharp drop in the price of the digital currency.

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The main collaborator of the project AnubisDAO, Sisyphus, confirmed the attack through his Twitter account, and revealed that due to the way the events occurred, this could have been an inside job by a team member, or failing that, someone’s credentials were stolen through a type attack Phishing. The tweet was later deleted, but a reward for 1,000 was posted ETH for the person who helps to find the person responsible for the theft.

Possible scam Rug Pull?

Despite comments from the team of AnubisDAO and its collaborators, critics and affected persons have alleged that this could be a scam of the type “Rug Pull”, that is, the one in which a project waits to raise funds and inflate the value of its token to later steal the assets and monopolize the profits.

Some people have gone even further and specifically pointed to one of the members of AnubisDAO, a person who calls himself “Beerus”, Who they accuse of being the person who carried out the actions that harmed the investors to the project. At the moment there is no concrete evidence to support such accusations.

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A lesson to learn

For their part, other analysts and critics also accused AnubisDAO of not being a reliable project, precisely because the initiative was launched without a website and without a White paper where the proposal is better explained. However, that did not stop many people from investing to finance the project, under the premise that they could quickly multiply their capital by taking advantage of the low costs of the token at the moment.

Although there are still no details about the nature of the attack, perhaps the lesson that remains for many is how risky the bet on this type of project could be, especially if they do not have the minimum guarantees to evaluate their proposal beyond a statement. of intentions. Outside the sector DeFi, many people were also affected by these same reasons during the project boom ICO, since there were many proposals that seemed interesting but in the end they did not manage to come to fruition, or they did not deliver the originally promised product.

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