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Attackers could take advantage of exploit in Word and Microsoft Office to access computers, reveals report - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The vulnerability present in microsoft-office has been named Follina. It is undetectable by antivirus and would allow attackers to take control of the affected computers, and even install and run malicious programs without the user’s consent.


  • The vulnerability has been named Follina.
  • Attackers can take control of your computer and install additional programs.
  • Microsoft recommends updating and using the cloud protection system.
  • They also recommend being careful with downloading executable files on Word.

Recently published reports indicate that a vulnerability present in the program Word of microsoft-office could allow attackers to seize victims’ computers and take control of them.

This was indicated by the cybersecurity team WalletGuard, who posted a thread Twitter in which they detail how this vulnerability works, which has been called “Follina”, being an exploit that at the time of editing cannot be detected by the most powerful antiviruses on the market.

In this regard, the Wallet Guard team commented:

“This exploit is a mountain of exploits applied on top of each other. However, unfortunately it is easy to recreate and cannot be detected by an antivirus.”

How does it work Follina?

In relation to Follina, the experts detail that the attack on the equipment takes place through the use of documents of microsoft office, to open a file handler belonging to the Microsoft Diagnostic Tool (MSDT).

From here, the attackers carry out a phishing/social engineering campaign to convince users to open an attachment that they would be sent, thereby gaining full access to the system.

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Given this, the team microsoft previously published a guide, in which they report on the vulnerability that allows attackers to control the computer and install programs, with which they have full power to seize everything that would be hosted on the affected computer.

The Microsoft team has also implemented an update and invites users to use the cloud protection service, but recommends disabling the protocol urls of MSDT to prevent troubleshooters from running as hooks.

additional measures

In addition to what has already been stated, the Wallet Guard team suggests that people implement certain changes within Microsoft Defender to close the security gap.

Specifically, users are invited to “block all Office applications from creating child processes”. The latter must be done in “Lock mode”.

They also invite you to be very careful when downloading .doc / .docx and .rft files.

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