Audi driving experience prices, available cars and dates

Audi driving experience prices, available cars and dates

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to attend the Winter Audi driving experiencea unique driving experience organized every year by the German brand with the four rings in our country.

The Winter Audi driving experience takes place in the ski resorts of Sierra Nevada and Baqueira Beret. Participants have the opportunity to discover the performance of the Audi model range and improve their driving skills at both locations, which continue to open their doors to quattro-drive Audi models every weekend until March 6.

In our case we were in Baqueira Beret with a complete range of Audi vehicles with quattro drive among which we had the Audi RS 3 Sedan, the Audi RS 4 Avant, the Audi RS 5 Sportback, the Audi RS5 coupé and the Audi RS4.

Winter Audi driving experience

Depending on the chosen enclave, there will be some models or others, however, the cast is very complete and interesting.

The activities carried out in the courses have been designed by Audi’s team of professional monitors. The objective is to work on anticipation, agility and reaction time on slippery surfaces, qualities with which the participants manage to improve their technique and safety behind the wheel in a special and fun day.

First we go through a brief theoretical class to begin to acquire those skills that allow us to safely face any unforeseen event in driving; and then, we got behind the wheel of the range in some driving tests.

Audi RS4 snow

Drivers learn to calculate the braking distance on snow and ice, control and take advantage of inertia to make changes of direction safer or improve turning capacity in curve areas.

Exercises with which the operation of the different active safety systems and the potential of quattro traction are also discovered, as well as the benefits of winter tires that in this case have been put by Bridgestone.

To complete the experience, driving courses Winter Audi driving experience They have similar programs in each of the two ski resorts where they will be taught.

Audi RS5 Coupe

Between January 15 and March 6, the Pyrenean resort of Baqueira Beret gives the beginning of the courses at 08:00 hours to end with a meal at 12:30 hours in the Möet Winter Lounge. The same schedules are followed in Sierra Nevadawhere the courses also end at 12:30 with their corresponding group meal, in this case at La Alcazaba restaurant, after the delivery of diplomas.

If you are wondering about the prices of the Winter Audi driving experience, you should know that in Sierra Nevada is 240 euros for Audi customers, and 300 euros for the rest, including 2 free passes to enjoy a day of skiing.

Audi driving experience prices, available cars and dates

At the Valle de Arán station the price is 290 euros for Audi customers and 350 euros for other participantsincluding the right to a discount on the purchase of 2 ski passes and the opportunity to try Salomon brand ski equipment for free.

Reservations, as well as any questions about dates and times of the courses, can be made through the website

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