Apple Watch audio training in the future update?

audio training in the future update?


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In the United States, Apple last month launched its new “Apple Fitness +” service, which allows you to follow sports classes from your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, all in full synchronization with the Apple Watch. The service made its arrival with the last update of watchOS (7.2) and everything suggests that the next one (watchOS 7.3) should confirm current trends and give an even more important place to Apple’s sports service.

In the beta versions of the iOS 14.4 and watchOS 7.3 updates, there are thus many clues that suggest that audio training will also make its arrival on the Apple connected watch. If the service was primarily designed to be used from home, with an iPad or Apple TV, the fact that it is possible to take video lessons from an iPhone allows a certain portability of Apple Fitness +. The courses never require a very elaborate material they can be followed from everywhere.

“Time to Walk” the new mission of the Apple Watch for your health

But in this beta several sources have discovered a new program ” Time to walk Which would be able to give an audio lesson to the user. According to developer Khaos Than, at the origin of this discovery, this new functioning of Apple Fitness + should make it possible to download video courses in order to follow them offline.

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According to the 9to5Mac site, these audio workouts are specific to the Apple Watch, hence the idea of ​​an audio workout. They would be so heavy that the watch would automatically remove them when finished. Apple Watch storage is not able to save multiple workouts.

Another point underlined by the various people at the origin of this discovery. The name “Time to Walk” is not, for them, trivial. It is a direct reference to the “Time To Stand” (“Levez-vous” in French) already present on the Apple Watch. It is thus possible to imagine daily reminders to encourage the user to follow a sporting rhythm in the manner of what the watch already offers.

Finally, nothing says in the information found in the beta that this service will be exclusively reserved for Apple Fitness + subscribers. It could very well be open to all Apple Watch users, in order to provide a free gateway to the Apple paid service. Its proximity to “Time to Stand” suggests that this option will be favored by Apple, but the Cupertino company could very well decide otherwise in the coming days.

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