Audi’s 5-cylinder engine «a la española»

Audi's 5-cylinder engine «a la española»

So far we have talked about the access versions and the plug-in hybrid versions, leaving us wanting “something more.”

A few minutes ago, CUPRA announced to us that the brand will introduce a version with an inline five-cylinder engine derived from Audi.

According to the brand itself, CUPRA was born to redefine the auto segments, introduce new ideas and challenge established norms. The CUPRA Formentor is a clear example of this, since behind its SUV coupé body it hides the behavior of a sports compact.

Thanks to the powerful five-cylinder engine – we understand that the 2.5 TFSI-, the new CUPRA Formentor VZ5 increases performance and further improves the dynamic behavior of the model. This version highlights the transfer of technology between the world of competition and that of series production.

It must be emphasized that to date, if we are dealing with the Audi engine, this has managed to reach 400 hp so a final power around these figures could be present in the model.

According to the brand, The debut of the model will take place on February 22, coinciding with the third anniversary of CUPRA. During the event, the brand will make other important announcements.

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