Authorities in Russia dismantle the group of hackers REvil, responsible for several cyberattacks on companies in the US – DiarioBitcoin

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Authorities in Russia dismantle the group of hackers REvil, responsible for several cyberattacks on companies in the US - DiarioBitcoin For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

As such, the group REvil was responsible for attacks on the meat distributor JBS and another 200 companies during 2021. The US government requested support from Russia to find the people involved.


The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, one of the main intelligence agencies at the local level, indicated that it found the capture of the group of international hackers known as REvil, which appears as the main responsible for several attacks of the type Ransomware of high profile perpetrated against American companies and entities.

Russian authorities capture the group of hackers REvil

This was indicated by the FSB in a recently published statement, where they point out that they carried out a special operation in which several members of the hacker group were captured. The following day, the country’s authorities carried out the arrest of another six people allegedly involved.

As such, international alerts were especially high after the group of hackers REvil, since these were responsible for a series of attacks perpetrated against several companies based in the US. Among them, the kidnapping of data from the JBS entity, one of the main suppliers of meat at the local level, which was seen in the obligation to pay a ransom of USD $11 million.

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Subsequently, the group of criminals led a large-scale attack that ended up affecting some 200 US companies, all through a security breach of the company. Kaseya based in Miami, through which they were able to extend their reach to the systems of the other affected entities. At that time they demanded the payment of some USD $70 million in funds BTC.

The group also gained much more visibility after amassing a total of $1 million in funding. BTC in a public forum for Russian hackers, in order to recruit people who could access said stash.

International collaboration Russia / USA

The acts perpetrated by the group REvil They put on the table the need for the US government, headed by President Joe Biden, to request support from his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, precisely to capture those involved in the attacks perpetrated months ago.

This situation led the Biden administration to give priority treatment to these type of threats. Ransomware, assigning them a level of threat similar to that of terrorist acts.

As such, Biden promptly called on Putin and his administration to act accordingly and put forth greater efforts to put members of REvil, since the hypothesis was that they operated especially from Russia, coordinating attacks outside the country’s borders.

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