aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

The Morgan Super 3 it is already a reality. Just over a year after taking down his classic 3 Wheeler for the second time in its 113-year history, Morgan is back with a completely updated trike. As a big news, the new Super 3 ditches the skinny wire wheels and exposed V-twin motorcycle engine up front.

Now the model is inspired by the birth of the jets. It boasts disc wheels that inevitably remind us of the Porsche 935 and adopts a three-cylinder Ford engine. The Super 3 is now available for orders in the UK, Europe and the US. Its starting price is around €50,000 before taxes.

aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

On an aesthetic level, the Morgan Super 3 sports a body that tapers from the waist. This gives you a lighter and more modern look. However, the most interesting changes are the ones you don’t see. Now the chassis is monocoque. Exterior panels contribute to the structural strength of the Superformed aluminum deck.

The suspension is also completely new. It has been redesigned to shorten the turning radius and improve maneuverability. It also allows better airflow to the side radiators and reduces unsprung mass. Mount the spring and damper units inwards. Even the tires have been custom designed by Avon.

aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

Retro interior for the Morgan Super 3

Inside inspiration in aviation is even greater. We see an instrumentation that combines digital technology with a cold war look. Underneath are some switches, highlighting the start and stop button. It looks like you’re going to launch a missile. As novelties we find adjustable pedals, foot heating and a steering wheel with height and depth adjustment.

Weather protection isn’t the Super 3’s strong point. It comes standard with an awning for when it’s parked, but not a soft top to roll on. Despite this, Morgan assures that everything has been designed to resist the attacks of nature. For example, the controls and USB sockets are sealed against dust and water.

aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

The four upholstery options they have also been designed with long-term endurance in mind. Buyers can choose from vinyl, waterproof leather, saddle leather, and a fabric that is both water and UV resistant. Optional accessories are also offered such as coasters, outdoor graphics, two types of screens…

The Baggage it can be stored under the lift-up trunk panel or attached to the top of the trunk via an exoskeleton luggage rack. The most classic can also strap it to the side pods: or store it in the lockable storage area under the seat.

aviation-inspired and Ford-powered

Under the skin of Super 3

The engine of the new Morgan Super 3 delivers a power of 118 hp and 150 Nm of maximum torque. All power is sent to the rear wheel through a five-speed transmission inherited from the Mazda MX-5.

Those numbers may not sound impressive, but it’s important to remember that the two-seater barely weighs 635 kilograms. Morgan reveals that the Super 3 is capable of completing 0 to 100 km/h in the environment of the 7 seconds. The maximum speed is 209km/h.

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