Axe Throwing – A New Popular Sport In The United States


Derived from the ancient Vikings, axe throwing has become quite a popular sport in recent years, particularly across the ocean – in the United States and Canada, where its revival has begun. In Toronto in 2006, hardly anyone believed that it would become a world sport. How did it all start? Why did it become so popular? Who can play it? The answers to these and other questions can be found below!

Axe Throwing – A New Popular Sport In The United States


Right now, it’s been almost 13 years since the first Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) was created, spreading across Canada and reaching other cities in the United States and Europe. The idea was born by chance in 2006 in Toronto, where a group of friends decided to kill boredom by throwing an axe at a stump in their backyard. Little did they know that this innocent idea of ​​passing the time would become a world sport. Matt Wilson, the founder of BATL and his CEO, recalls that upon returning to his home in Toronto, he decided to set up a target in his backyard and invite some friends over to show them how cool an axe-throwing can be. Shortly after the group of friends doubled in size, then the double-sized group doubled in size again and before Matt knew it, he had two full leagues out of 60+ a night in his backyard. Not counting all the spectators who came and watched a new sport is born.


Basically, everyone, who plays it admits that throwing axes triggers fantastic emotions. It is a kind of cathartic experience, helping you to lose all your anger, fear, anxiety and negative emotions. Of course, beginnings can be difficult, as you often need to get over your own scare. But, after doing it for the first time, you want to do it one more time! This is probably the main reason behind the growing popularity of axe throwing. The other factor may be related to competitiveness. In terms of rules, it can be compared to, for example, darts or bowling, where everything is basically in your hands. You compete with other people, socializing and having fun simultaneously. That is why most often axe-throwing is offered in bars or pubs where you can define an Axe Throwing Target.


Such places can be found in Poland as well. For example, in Krakow, there is an axe-throwing club, called Bad Axe, where people can come alone or with friends and have fun throwing axes, all accompanied by some drinks and snacks. There are courts prepared for up to 30 people, which allows you to organize a bachelor party as well as parties or company events. Of course, all in accordance with the highest security standards. You can find similar Axe throwing clubs in Spain too.


Some people may look at the axe blade you use in this game and wonder if it’s a safe sport. In reality, axe throwing is an extremely safe sport, as long as proper safety principles are observed. It usually takes place in a closed environment or in a limited area of ​​a facility. According to statistics, in percentage terms, fewer accidents are observed during axe-throwing than for example in baseball, football or other contact sports. Axe throwing, like darts, is a non-contact sport, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. Furthermore, according to NATF, the organization that sets standards for axe throwing to ensure its safety, There have only been five or six minor injuries in the history of the sport as a result of not knowing how to handle an axe. The problem is solved with a lot of on-site instructions and supervision.


Axe throwing can be great fun for anyone, who likes a bit of excitement, is looking for bachelor party ideas or just wants to have fun with friends. Both men and women can play, although it is usually the women who really stand out.

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