Baby: when to switch from sleeping bag to duvet?

Baby: when to switch from sleeping bag to duvet?

The sleeping bag is one of the main accessories of the birth trousseau and stands out for its practicality. Also called a sleeping bag, it allows your baby to sleep safely at night while remaining covered. However, from a certain point, it will be necessary to abandon it to pass to the duvet. Until what age should I use the sleeping bag? What are the signs that it’s time to step down to the quilt?

The importance of the baby sleeping bag

The sleeping bag or sleeping bag is presented as a sleeping bag with shoulder straps and offering many advantages. Very practical, it ensures baby’s safety by protecting him from the risk of suffocation. In fact, it prevents it from rolling over on its stomach thanks to its pressure system or zip closure.

In addition, it is very comfortable and usable in all seasons. It constitutes both a sheet and a pajama and facilitates the sleep of the infant. In theory, the sleeping bag can be used from 0 to 36 months depending on the child.

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From what age do you have to go from sleeping bag to duvet?

According to early childhood experts, it is necessary avoid switching to a baby duvet before 1 year. We must therefore wait for the right moment to use it. Some paediatricians and professionals believe that 2 years is the ideal age, although this may vary depending on the growth of the child. Indeed, it is from this age that there are fewer risks to his health. Some will therefore not be able to remove their sleeping bag after 3 years while others can do so as early as one year.

From the age of 2 on average, you should think about buying the first duvet suitable for your young child and if possible opt for a high-end, organic and natural duvet. THEtransition may depend on the season, because it is easier in summer than in winter. In addition, it does not have to be drastic, rather take it step by step to ensure the comfort and well-being of your little one.

sleeping bag or duvet

The signs that it’s time to go for the duvet

At some point, your baby will show signs that let you know it’s time to quilt.

Baby feels cramped with the sleeping bag

As your child grows up, he can quickly feel cramped in your sleeping bag and his sleep may be disturbed. He does not have sufficient freedom of movement and tends to get annoyed and irritated. In this case, it’s time to make the transition from sleeping bag to duvet. This allows him toto be freer of his movements and spend peaceful nights.

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Baby goes into a king size bed

If you decide to upgrade your child to a queen bed, then ditch the sleeping bag at the same time. The idea is therefore to take advantage of the change of environment to switch to the duvet.

Baby takes off his sleeping bag by himself

One morning you might find that your child has taken off his sleeping bag. It’s a sign that it’s time to switch to the quilt and put the sleeping bag aside.

Which baby duvet to choose?

It’s important to choose the right baby duvet in order to ensure a high level of comfort. The ideal is to favor models in natural materials such as duvets with down filling. These stand out for their comfort, their lightness and their healthy and warm character. Thermoregulated and breathable, they have a longer lifespan and are very easy to maintain.

In addition, the down duvet is very popular for its soft structure and swelling power. It is also very soft and may have been treated against bacteria and allergies (except in the case of new down, since it does not contain allergenic dust). The down that composes it allows it to provide your child with freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

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Baby quilts are available in different models: we find quilting in quilting, channel stitching and quilting with partitioned tiles. The latter is one of the best, because it ensures a uniform distribution of the filling at the level of the duvet and therefore on the body.

Finally, I advise you to choose a Oeko-Tex 100 certified baby duvet which ensures the absence of products harmful to the environment and health. This allows your child to enjoy a duvet that is both healthy and ecological.

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