Back Market takes over the Apple Store with its refurbished iPhones

Back Market

With a market growing by 15% over one year, the refurbished sector is more and more promising, especially when we know that Apple is making every effort to recycle as many components as possible. Indeed, the Californian manufacturer has its own sorting centers and also offers coupons for discount for the purchase of a new device to those who bring back their old one.

Back Market, a French website specializing in the sale of upgraded mobiles, took advantage of a partnership generously granted by Apple to showcase its own collection. The company was founded by Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Vianney Vaute and Quentin Le Brouster in 2014 and quickly raised several hundred million dollars to expand internationally.

An original stunt

In the video below, customers of an Apple Store in Paris can be seen receiving a strange alert on their iPhone: “Back Market” would like to share the website “”. The notification, which is reminiscent of certain cheeky practices of Adam Neumann, was in fact sent from AirDropproprietary file sharing system unique to Apple devices and which requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be activated.

You guess it ; the link actually referred to a page presenting refurbished iPhones on Back Market. They are numerous and sold at very competitive prices: there are for example iPhone 11 with 64 GB of storage sold for 384 euros only when it costs 589 euros in the Apple Store. Another example: the iPhone 12, offered for 560.50 euros instead of 809 euros in black and with the same storage capacity.

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Your second-hand equipment, also at Apple

Back Market is not the only one to recondition Apple equipment, since the manufacturer is therefore also working on it. On its site, you can buy Macbook Pro, MacBook Air or Apple TV at a reduced cost. iPhones, on the other hand, are absent from the dedicated French store. Shame.

Otherwise, you can always lean towards Amazon, which has its own revaluation circuit. Count around 280 euros for a black iPhone XR in 64 GB or 133 euros for the iPhone 7 of the same color in 32 GB. With a one-year warranty, just in case.

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