Bale does not travel to El Sadar

Bale no viaja a El Sadar

“Gareth Bale will not be available for the match that Real Madrid will play today”, and that’s it. No more information. That brief text is, in its entirety, the official statement in which the real Madrid announced this morning that the cardiff express will not travel to El Sadar, despite entering the call yesterday. This brevity responds to the fact that the footballer, several months ago, asked the club for privacy regarding his injuries. As AS has learned, what Bale alleges is discomfort in his left leg; he has nothing serious.

This is the 29th time he has missed out on a roster this season. So far he has only played 270 official minutes, of which 193′ were in the first three days of the League. Since then he has only started once again, at La Cerámica, where he played as a striker. As a substitute he has appeared in three games: 3 ‘in Paris, 4’ in London and 16 ‘against Getafe. He has scored a goal, on matchday two, against Levante, at the Ciutat de Valencia (3-3).


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sixth injury

His medical part is extensive. This is his sixth injury so far this season. At the beginning of September he suffered a knee injury that he had 58 days in the dry dock. He came back and, just seven days later, he was back in the infirmary with calf pain. Around Christmas, he was absent ten days for coronavirus and as soon as he got out of quarantine, he was absent 20 days for back problemsthe same ones that deprived him of the Classic within a few hours of dispute. Before, the visit to Vallecas was lost due to “muscle aches” and now you’re in the left leg.

Bale’s six injuries this season

Injury days off absent matches
Knee 58 13
Twin 25 6
(corona virus) 10 two
Back twenty 5
“muscle aches” 6 one
Back two one
Left leg ? ?


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