Barbara de Regil unleashes ridicule for this photo of her healing council

Bárbara de Regil desata burlas por esta foto de su consejo curativo

It seems that the controversy haunts Barbara de Regil, because the actress went viral on Twitter after uploading a photo where she says that takes away the pain using positive energy.

And is that the fitness influencer uploaded a Storie where she appears touching her teenage daughter’s stomach and accompanied with the text:

When Mar and I have a stomach ache or something … we take away the pain with positive, literal energy. We put our hand where it hurts and we order the pain to go away and it always works

After this, criticism, ridicule and memes were swift, since netizens did not tolerate what De Regil put, limiting that he was doing less to doctors and science.

The tweeters began to share images of people “healing” only with the hand on the body; as well as memes from series like Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon with the face of Barbara.

I always think that it can no longer be overcome, but it seems that he takes it as a personal challenge“Wrote a user on the bird’s social network.

And it is that De Regil is already a frequent client of teasing on social networks, especially since last year, when he said that he was disgusted by people who consumed alcohol and tacos in excess.


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