Barcelona 2-Majorca 1 | Memphis decides, Ansu returns

Barcelona 2-Majorca 1 |  Memphis decides, Ansu returns

Ansu returned in a testimonial way, which is not little, and Barça achieved a victory that is not at all testimonial that brings them closer to the next Champions League and consolidates him as second classified. This time, Xavi’s men did take advantage of the gifts from their direct rivals and they won 2-1 against Mallorca in a match in which, despite dominating from start to finish, they put an end to the usual suffering. Barça takes oxygen after a disastrous series of results and adds three points that leave him in a position to finish the season with dignity after overcoming all the storms of the ocean… and that have not finished.

After the barbecue, everything remained the same at the Camp Nou except for Memphis Depay’s entry into the starting team. Dembélé needed herbal teas, Adama is not believed by anyone as a starter and Xavi opted for the same solution that kept Koeman in the first days of the championship. trust memphisirregular type, but quality player who was the one who made the difference with respect to the last disasters of Barcelona in his stadium.

Depay's photo

Because with the exception of Memphis, who came out on the left end leaving Ferran on the right (supposedly his favorite position), the rest of the Blaugrana landscape was exactly identical to that of the last appointments. A team in need of points like Mallorca to save the category and a Barcelona that came to the kick-off with gifts from warm rivals on the plate.

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The argument of the party followed the usual paths, including the passion of Gerard Piqué, who went out to play with discomfort (as he has almost always done for weeks) and who pained the field like a Nazarene in a Holy Week procession.

The first ball played by the Catalan central defender, he took his hand to the adductor and before half an hour had passed he had to be replaced by Eric. The thing seems that this campaign does not give for more and Gerard urgently needs a good season of rest.

Photo of Busquets

However, Piqué did not leave the field before Barça had taken the lead on the scoreboard. Memphis, who was the best forward of the Blaugrana team, distanced himself into space and slept an assist of Alba, who equaled Dembélé with eleven assists this season, to beat Sergio Rico.

With the 1-0, Piqué was able to stop suffering and give his place to Eric Garcia to defend the advantage against a Mallorca that had already given signs of danger through a shot by Fernando Niño and some loss of attention and intensity of the midfielders from Barca.

Photo of Ansu Fati

The situation calmed down as soon as the second half began, which is dangerous territory for Barcelona fans lately, when Sergio Busquets picked up a rebound from the Balearic defense on the edge after a poor shot by Ferran and beat Sergio Rico with his left foot. With the 2-0 scoreline, Barça found themselves again and it seemed that they were beginning to enjoy themselves for the first time in a long time, while Javier Aguirre began to think more about the next game against Granada, in which Mallorca will risk their lives. But the feeling of peace would not last long.

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And it is that once Mallorca took off the bridles and stopped suffering for the game, it was when Aguirre’s team put Barça in trouble. The visitors took advantage of a disallowed Ferran Torres goal as their own goal and Raíllo scored in a strategic play with 10 minutes to go. Ansu’s party, who had just entered, was getting complicated.

The suffering seems to be sewn to the Barcelona feeling this season. The last minutes of the match, with Mallorca one goal away, if you look at them coldly, were not that bad, but the fact is that the eyes of the Catalans have seen a lot of dirt in recent times. Mallorca may have woken up late, but the truth is that Barça is taking a breather.

Photo of Railo


Eric Garcia (27′, Pique), Take Kubo (58′, Fernando Nino), Grenier (59′, Danny), Lee Kang-In (69′, Battaglia), Save Seville (69′, Antonio Sanchez), Ousmane Dembele (74′, Ferran Torres), Ansu Fati (74′, Aubameyang), Hoppe (88′, Angel), Clement Lenglet (88′, Alves)


1-0, 24′: depay2-0, 53′: Busquets2-1, 78′: Rail


Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Gavi (34′, Yellow) Rail (62′, Yellow) Grenier (63′, Yellow) Sunrise (90′, Yellow


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