Barcelona | Laporta: “We have no complicity on the part of LaLiga”

Laporta: "No tenemos ninguna complicidad por parte de LaLiga"

Joan Laporta took advantage of his moment on the stage of the Caixa Fórum Auditorium in Barcelona when collecting the award that distinguishes the women’s Barcelona as the best Catalan team of the season to send a message to Javier Tebas, whom he reproached for his lack of complicity with the Blaugrana club.

When during the gala the presenter Marta Carreras asked him about the difficulties in reinforcing the team, the president of the Catalan team stated that “We do what we can because it is difficult. We have no complicity or support from the League. The Fair Play rules are too demanding compared to those of other countries. That is a handicap that we will have to overcome. We are used to it, we come from what we come from and there is only one secret: Work and work, and work well”.

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Laporta insisted that he tries to make a competitive team in the men’s, but also in the women’s, which has just lost the final in Turin.

“We have to improve and learn the lesson. It is a winning team, but there has to be a more competitive state league. It has been a handicap for us. The League has been easy for them. I know that they are working on it but it must be a set challenge. It’s not an excuse because last year we won the Champions League. You have to see what the weak points are. Technically they are very good but Lyon beat us physically”stressed Joan Laporta.

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