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iOS 15

Apple a few hours ago discontinued support for iOS version 15.4. This means that users who have not upgraded to iOS 15.4 can no longer update their machine to this version of the system. They must update to iOS 15.4.1. It’s the same for iPadOS 15.4 and 15.4.1.

Similarly, users who are currently testing the first beta of iOS 15.5 or those who have already upgraded to iOS 15.4.1 can no longer roll back to iOS 15.4.

Don’t panic, this procedure for unsigning a certain version of iOS is a classic at Apple. It is applied to push users to the latest version available for iOS, in order to limit as many bugs and security concerns as possible. It makes sense, the latest version of a system, 15.4.1 for iOS, is normally the best finished.

We obviously encourage you to keep your iOS or iPad device up to date by taking advantage of the latest version of iOS or iPadOS offered in the settings. Note that if the update is offered automatically after a certain period of availability, it is possible to force the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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