Basic exercises to strengthen the back

The phrase “don’t turn your back on me” loses meaning when you have been strengthening them and now represents an exclamation mark for you and your acquaintances.

Strengthening your back not only gives you a better appearance and posture, since by exercising the different muscles that comprise it, you are supporting your spine and can avoid future injuries.

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Strengthen your back with a variety of exercises from home

Your back plays a crucial role in the movements you make every day, since through the different muscles that make it up, it allows you to stand upright and move freely.

Major muscles found in the back

-Lower trapezius.

– Middle trapezius.

-Erector spinae.

-Latissimus dorsi.



Before you start exercising

Before starting exercises for your back or your routine in general, remember to gradually increase your duration and repetitions.

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At the same time, it is advisable to perform exercises for a few minutes to warm up and stretch, with this you will prepare your muscles to work optimally.

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Simple exercises for your back that you can do from home

– Bridge or plank exercise

– Push-ups.

-Lower back rotational stretch.

-Knee to chest stretch.

-Cat stretch.

-Lateral raising of lying legs.


-Superman iron.

Don’t turn your back on your back

Keeping in mind the importance of your back in everyday activities, try incorporating some of these exercises into your routine on a regular basis to make it stronger.

Ensure proper posture and greater ease of movement in your future by subtracting negative impacts with these exercises!

Source: Mayo Clinic, Harvard Health Publishing.

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