4 basic rules to Properly apologize

Rules To Properly Apologize

Making mistakes is human, and apologizing too. At some point in our lives, we have offended someone and have had to apologize for our actions, but perhaps we have not done it in the best possible way.

Certainly, what we consider appropriate for an apology is not necessarily the same as the other person expects. So to avoid major problems, here are some basic rules to properly apologize.

Rules To Properly Apologize

No buts

According to an article in the newspaper El Confidencial, adding excuses and justifications will hurt apologies while the affected person wants to hear sincere apologies that do not minimize the damage you have caused them. This is not the time to back up your mistake.

If you will add justifications, they fit better in a later conversation.

Short and simple

Apologize does not warrant pompous words or has a speech on hand. That said, it is recommended that you go straight to the point and in the clearest way possible so that the affected part really feels that you apologize for what you have done.

Be direct and brief It is the best posture you can take when it comes to asking for forgiveness. This will be recognized by the affected party, either at the time or later.

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Don’t talk about you

Apologies should never revolve around the person who has offended, but in his repentance around what he has done to offend the affected party. You are not the protagonist of the situation, only the one who has raised it for his mistake.

Be sincere

Honest apologies are necessary and almost indispensable if there is a possibility that the relationship recomposes in the short, medium, or long term. If you offer a sincere apology, the affected person will feel that you really feel bad for having offended them.

These fundamental rules when apologizing are very helpful for an action that, although basic, can be a place for mistakes that spoil the intention.

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