Basic tips to start riding a motorcycle

Basic tips to start riding a motorcycle

motorcycles are a very useful means of transport to move around the city, as well as an escape route to enjoy on the road. It is also very easy to access them, since the 125cc ones can be driven with a car license that is more than three years old.

However, they are vehicles whose driving, due to how unprotected the driver is, requires being very careful, so it is convenient to take into account some basic tips to start riding a motorcycle.

The important thing begins even before starting: you have to go properly equipped. In the absence of a bodywork, in the event of a crash or fall, the rider is the one who bears the impact, in addition to being more exposed to inclement weather.

The helmet and other details

That is why it is essential to carry a good helmet, a jacket with protections –whether made of sanity or leather– long pants, if possible specifically for motorcycle riding, and closed shoes, as far as possible high-tops or, preferably, boots.

With this in mind, it is necessary to know the motorcycle or scooter which is going to be piloted. The different types imply different driving positions, and the power directly influences the type of response you will have when accelerating.

Once on the handlebar, the first thing is the caution, whether it comes from not driving any vehicle (you will have to learn from scratch) or driving a car; in this case, it will be necessary to unlearn in some aspects to adapt to a very different kind of driving.

Motorists, vulnerable users

A motorist is one of the weakest road users, which is why he must always be very attentive and aware of everything around him. Have to leave safety distances with a lot of margin and have a lot watch out for slippery surfaces (such as zebra crossings or sewers), because losing a wheel is often the same as ending up on the ground. Malpractices should also be avoided, such as zigzag between vehicles, overtaking where it shouldn’t and the like.

It’s a good idea start on urban roads, where the speeds reached are lower, which allows one to get used to the motorcycle, but it is also true that it will mean facing denser traffic. Later, to expand in range by going to intercity highways and, finally, access high-speed roads.

Finally, it is recommended start driving alone, without a companion. You have to get used to the motorcycle and, only once you have mastered it, take a co-pilot, since his presence significantly changes the weight distribution, the behavior of the vehicle and the braking distance.

The kids on the bike

Both motorcycles and scooters are a very useful type of vehicle for take the little ones from home to school. Of course, a series of concepts must be taken into account:

  • Age: they must be over 12 years old, although it is also legal to carry people over 7 if they reach the footrests and the driver is an authorized person.
  • Approved to carry a passenger: not all models are approved to carry a co-pilot, you have to make sure that it is.
  • Appropriate clothing: Like adults, children should be well equipped to ride a motorcycle, with a helmet, closed shoes, long pants and, if possible, a jacket with protections
  • careful driving: the little one does not have as much experience, strength or reaction capacity; so you have to drive carefully, accelerating and braking progressively

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