Be careful, doing this with the ITV sticker is now a crime

Be careful, doing this with the ITV sticker is now a crime

There were many sentences about whether or not it was a specific crime until a few days agowhen the Supreme court has determined that putting a Technical Vehicle Inspection sticker on a car that has not passed the inspection is a crime of use of false certification.

What could previously be considered an act of picaresque has now been classified as a crime.

He Plenary of Chamber II of the Supreme Court It has established in a sentence that the unauthorized use of the official badge of having successfully passed the ITV constitutes the crime of use of false certification of article 399.2 of the Penal Code, in relation to article 400 bis of the same legal text.

Be careful, doing this with the ITV sticker is now a crime

Although it may seem like something that was clear, to date all we had was a very disparate form of contradictory resolution by various provincial audiences.

Although the Provincial Court of Asturias and Las Palmas understood that they were official documents or certificates whose misuse was a crime of false certification, the Provincial Court of Barcelona held that the ITV sticker was a mere distinctive instrument or mark facilitating police control reason why the use of the legitimate stickers by who is not authorized was not a crime -they said that the document was the technical inspection card and not its distinctive-, being its unauthorized use punishable by administrative means.

Now, the Supreme Court has emphasized that the process of certification and control corresponds to the public Administration, so any reproduction or manipulation of these markers or the unauthorized use of legitimate stamps is integrated into the evidentiary purpose assigned to the original badge. and it acquires its full meaning, which is why it falls fully within the Penal Code.

In case of using an ITV sticker incorrectly the sentence is a fine of 720 euros by crime of use of false certificate. This fine was imposed on the owner of a car that had an ITV sticker affixed to the front moon that was valid for September 2019 when the vehicle had expired the technical inspection since May 5, 2016.

Now you know, don’t play it because this fine you have to add costs and expenses, which are much higher than the fine in question.

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