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Before and after Mau and Ricky


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Ricky Montaner, Mau Montaner
Mau and Ricky are the children of Ricardo Montaner and, like their father, they triumphed in their musical career | Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

Mauricio and Ricardo Reglero Rodríguez followed in the footsteps of their father Ricardo Montaner and ventured into the world of music with a successful duo they called Mau and Ricky.

The Venezuelan brothers opted for Latin pop and reggaeton as genres to channel their art and they became a real sensation when they hit the market with songs along with Manuel Turizo, Karol G, Becky G, among other Latin music stars.

And although the duo released their debut EP called “Arte” in 2017 (through the Sony Music label), the truth is that their trajectory began much earlier. From the age of 4 and 6, respectively, they studied music and their first steps came in the church, where they played every week with the band that they themselves formed.

While they were composing and recording their first album “MR”, their first appearance was on a Montaner Latin American tour, where Mau was on drums and Ricky on guitar.

In 2015, they left the “MR” for “Mau and Ricky” and decided to change their style, and accommodate fashion. They themselves recognized that their appearance was not the best in a recent post on Instagram. “I fully understand why people didn’t listen to our music when we saw each other like this,” one of the singers wrote with a laugh.

Today, they are far from being those teenagers with long hair. They look cool and are in the latest fashion trends. They also feel safer and have already earned several awards in their professional career.

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