Before the Apple Car, the iPhone could open a Tesla

Tesla Model 3

If Apple’s automotive projects are entirely focused on the Apple Car, and the “Titan” project, the Apple brand could well work with its future competitor, Tesla.

Indeed, the firm of Elon Musk is, according to the American Federal Communications Commission, which published the document, in the process of developing ultra-wide band technology on its electric cars, in order to eventually offer solutions of virtual keys, like Apple CarKey.

Other information has yet to circulate around the electric car brand, and it is not certain that Tesla will ever decide to use Apple’s technology. For the moment alone, BMW has announced itself as a partner of the Apple by being the only manufacturer to have publicly announced to embark this technology.

A technology of the future

If for the moment no car is present on the car park with the functional CarKey technology, the latter should allow opening and starting his car directly from his iPhone or his associated Apple Watch.

Indeed, on the Apple side, things have accelerated in recent years, the Cupertino company has started to popularize the UWB in its phone with the iPhone 11, logically followed by the entire range of the iPhone 12 which also carries the U1 chip, responsible for this connection of a new kind.

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Regarding the Apple Watch, if the arrival of the UWB is more recent, it is not hypothetical. The Apple Watch Series 6 is indeed the only Apple connected watch to offer such on-board technology for the moment.

For the moment, there is no indication that the Tesla will integrate Apple’s digital key system. In addition, documents from the Federal Communications Commission speak of entry points and sensors that are currently not present on Tesla models. A simple update of the on-board computer should therefore not be enough to bring this new technology into Elon Musk’s cars. We will surely have to wait for the Tesla models of 2022 or 2023 to hear the boss of Tesla talk about the digital key.

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