Belinda’s grandmother is hospitalized in Spain in an emergency

Hospitalizan de emergencia en España a la abuelita de Belinda


Photo: Ángel Delgado / Reform Agency

Although it is unknown if it was due to COVID-19, Juana Moreno, the singer’s grandmother Belinda, is seriously hospitalized in Spain, according to the interpreter’s mother.

Belinda Schull He took his social networks, especially Instagram stories, to ask his followers to pray for his mother’s health.

In the midst of so much pain that we are living in the world, my mother is in very delicate health, I ask you for a prayer of healing for her“, He posted on his official account.

In another story Schull shared a photo holding the hands of his mother, 88, along with the message: “Don’t ever let me go, I can’t imagine life without you … We are going to win this battle“.

Last year, in the middle of March, Belinda He confirmed that his grandmother had suffered a health relapse and that the entire family was concerned and aware of the progress of doctors in Spain.

At this moment my grandmother is not very healthy, she is in Madrid. He is not feeling very well and the truth is that I am a little worried and sad“, Said the interpreter to a show program.

The original message of Schull It was broadcast on networks, and immediately several Belinda fan clubs showed their support by making the request viral, a situation that Moreno’s family thanked.

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