Belkin mistakenly reveals iPhone SE 5G release date

Apple iPhone SE noir vu de dos

If we know for certain the date of Apple’s back-to-school keynote, on March 8, it is still impossible for us to say with certainty what the Cupertino company will present.

While the Apple brand is trying, somehow, to keep the secret, the rumors are now more and more numerous and more and more precise.

An iPhone SE in 2022?

Some of them also speak of the arrival of a new iPhone SE, the 3rd of the name. This “entry-level” model for Apple has just made the news again, while shells have made a brief appearance on the internet.

It all started when the official site of Belkin, one of the biggest brands of cases and chargers in the world, published cases for “iPhone SE 5G” on its site before quickly removing them.

These were announced as available for sale from March 10. A completely logical date when you know that the presentation keynote will take place on the 8th.

Few physical novelties this year?

If we rely on the case and screen protectors presented by Belkin this week, the next iPhone SE should have the same shape as the 2020 model.

According to information given by Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg, the next iPhone SE should not be physically different from its predecessor. The big expected changes should take place inside the phone. Gurman believes that this iPhone will have the right to 5G. But Apple’s next phone could also be entitled to MagSafe and other technologies currently reserved for high-end models.

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Another important information to take into account when it comes to the next iPhone: its price. According to all the rumors that have reached us at the moment, the determining factor of this phone should therefore be its price positioning. Apple could approach 200 or 300 euros, or a quarter of the price of its most high-end model.

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