6 Benefits Of Eating Eggs Everyday

Benefits Of Eating Eggs Everyday

Always available, full of nutrients and therapeutic properties: eggs are a nutritional treasure that cannot be missing from our daily diet.

Actually, the egg is considered one of the healthier and more nutritious foods that exist, is one of the sources of most popular animal proteins. The truth is that not everything has been rosy in the egg path, since some years ago it was considered a food harmful to health; largely because it was associated with effects for cardiovascular health by high cholesterol content and was also associated with negative effects on body weight.

Today things have changed, there are all kinds of studies and scientific references that have shown that the egg is unique in its composition, which gives it unmatched nutritional and therapeutic potential. Thanks to this information, the egg has gained the place it deserves and is currently an important element in various nutrition and health trends.

Talk about the benefits of the egg It is an extensive topic, however, there are qualities that are worth mentioning since they make it a unique and very special food. Among the aspects that attract the most attention is its high protein content, at the same time represent a natural source of essential amino acids, antioxidants, and iron. They’re an extraordinary food alternative to fill the body with energy, contribute to the increase of muscle mass, in the prevention of diseases, body weight, and other fundamental health aspects.

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The recent scientific studies that support the genius of integrating egg consumption into your daily diet, have checked the great advantages offered by this habit. Within the nutritional recommendations it has been established as healthy and beneficial the intake of eggs up to date, discover what it can do for your health.

Benefits Of Eating Eggs Everyday

1. They strengthen the immune system

Eggs are considered one of the more complete foods we have on hand, stand out for their high content in vitamins B12 (cobalamin), concentrated mainly in the yolk, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), niacin (vitamin B-3), folic acid, vitamins A, D and E (in the yolk). They also provide unmatched mineral wealth, which stands out for its content of iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium; in a special way, its selenium content is considered an essential nutrient to ensure the good health of the immune system. All this added to its antioxidant power and healthy fats, makes the combination of your nutritional composition make them an extraordinary ally to strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, and balance the functioning of thyroid hormones.

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2. Protect and improve brain function

One of the great medicinal benefits of the egg is due to his high choline content. It is a key essential nutrient in brain health, is essential to ensure the health of brain cells and the synthesis of acetylcholine. At the same time, it is important to note that choline deficiency is directly related to impairments in cognitive functioning and increases the risk of suffering from neurological conditions. Eating eggs everyday is a great habit to promote good brain function since it ensures the consumption of optimal amounts of choline it requires to fulfill all its tasks.

3. Improve eye health

Eggs are rich in a substance essential for sight: lutein is a key substance for protect visual health and ensure a clear and sharp sight. When there are deficiencies in this nutrient they accumulate conditions that destroy the tissues of the eye, the sight deteriorates and they present degenerative conditions.

4. Strong bones and teeth

Eggs provide great benefits to keep in good bone health, this is largely due to its high in vitamin D which is essential to ensure correct absorption of calcium. It is because of that eating eggs everyday ensures that bones and teeth remain strong, while calcium is important for good cardiovascular health and a lean metabolism.

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5. They promote weight loss

Integrate as part of a balanced and low-calorie diet, the consumption of eggs a day is a great recommendation to promote weight loss. It has studies that support the benefits of having eggs for breakfast to lose weight twice as fast, the best recommendation is to mix them with abundant vegetables. At the same time it’s content in proteins of high biological value it is the perfect complement for provide satiety, decrease anxiety to eat, and excessive calorie intake throughout the day. On the other hand, it has been shown that choline (a substance that is only found in the yolk of the egg), is key to speed up metabolism and promote the burning of calories.

6. Improve physical and mental performance

Eating eggs is one of the better energy sources for the body, this is largely due to its exceptional nutritional composition. One of his great qualities lies in its high content in b12 vitamin, also known as riboflavin and that is key in favoring the process in which the body turns food into fuel. Eggs a day are the perfect complement to improve performance at all levels, enhance physical and mental energy; they are a great ally to promote good memory, concentration, and learning.

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