Benefits of exercise in the elderly

Physical exercise brings many benefits, including many studies on the theories of cell rejuvenation through exercise.

Increased muscle mass and exercise

Especially in the elderly there are also positive effects, such as the increase in muscle mass, which, in the end, brings a reduction of approximately 10 to 16% in the risk of injuries, such as fractures, among other types.

Increased functional capacity of the elderly and exercise

There is also an increase in functional capacity, which means that the elderly can safely and autonomously carry out their daily activities, giving a feeling of self-sufficiency and satisfaction.

How can we slow down aging?

We know that aging is an inherent process in living beings, in which the ability to adapt to the environment is lost, associated with a decline in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular functions, among others.

The goal of physical exercise is to slow down the impending decline.

Studies showing the benefits of exercise in the elderly

Reboledo-Cobos in a literature review work published in the Archives of Sports Medicine in 2017 reports and demonstrates the importance of performing resistance exercise to reduce Sarcopenia (decrease in muscle mass), in addition to showing the benefits that were already mentioned when increasing functional capacity.

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In another very interesting study by Rosas also published in the Journal Archives of Sports Medicinee in 2017, elderly women were studied comparing a group that performed physical activity one day a week vs. another group engaged in physical activity twice a week.

In both groups, at the end of the study, significant changes were found in both body composition and blood pressure, this means that even with the minimum of once or twice a week, the results are favorable.

Benefits of exercise in the elderly

There are many benefits of exercise for the elderly to ignore, so if you find yourself in this group of the population do not hesitate to start getting active.

If you have questions about how to start and where to exercise safely, contact a sports medicine professional.

At any age, many advantages are obtained with the performance of physical activity. Remember that exercise is your best ally for your health.

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