Relationships Sex benefits of female orgasm and how to achieve it

benefits of female orgasm and how to achieve it


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Virtually all of us seek good physical and mental health, but not many stop to analyze or are embarrassed to go further when it comes to sexual health.

Let’s accept that there is nothing better than the feeling of a good orgasm, but it is not always possible to achieve it during sexual intercourse. Yao Peña, Prudence’s sex educator, explains the benefits of it and how to achieve it.

According to a study on the frequency of orgasms, carried out among different North American universities and published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Heterosexual women are the group that achieves the least orgasms, since 35% of the times they have sex they do not reach climax, contrary to men, who only find it difficult in 5%.

Orgasm is the culmination of a sexual relationship, it is the climax that produces a sensation of sudden and pleasant release from the accumulated tension from the moment the excitement begins. Physiologically, they are intense muscle spasms with a very pleasant sensation, and with them, endorphins are created.

Benefits Of Female Orgasm And How To Achieve It

And that’s not all, having orgasms can bring several benefits:

You stay young: If you have at least two orgasms a week, you can stay younger, according to a study led by the neuropsychologist David Weeks.

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Lift your mood: When you have orgasms, your body releases endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which will make you happier and put stress aside.

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Your immune system improves: Magazine British Medical Journal ensures that “people who have two or more orgasms a week can live up to 8 years longer, as they strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular and brain health.”

Radiant skin: During orgasm, blood circulation increases, and oxygen is pumped to the skin, which makes it shine and toxins are eliminated.

Sleep well: Endorphins have a sedative effect, which is why you will be able to sleep very well after having an orgasm.

benefits of female orgasm and how to achieve it

What If You Can’t Have Orgasms?

Many can go through this through bad habits, such as thinking that you always have to reach it, that makes you not focus on the previous thing, remember that the path to reach maximum excitement must also be enjoyed and that there is not only the vaginal orgasm.

Other reasons range from having stress, anxiety, and depression, it can also be a lack of lubrication which can be solved with double lubricated condoms like full sensitivity or lubricants.

One of the most important reasons is lack of communication, remember that your partner must listen to what you like, and vice versa.

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Anorgasmia can also be a health factor that will never let you reach orgasm. So it is important that you pay attention to every detail and take care of your sexual health.

Most importantly, if you think your problem is beyond that, don’t be afraid or ashamed to consult a specialist. Sexual health does not have to be ashamed and is an important and natural part of our lives.

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