Benzema, shower of awards –

Benzema, lluvia de premios

Benzema, shower of awards -

A prize per day, that’s how Benzema seems to go -for now-. At the expense of knowing what will happen to the gold plate on October 17, the appetizers remain small clues. Because everyone, at the moment, is going for Benzema. Yesterday UEFA announced that it would give him the award for best player of the entire edition, today the magazine Eleven World has given him his highest award, the Onze D’Or. He is the second that will show off in their windows, after also getting it, and in a comfortable way, last season.

Benzema holds the Onze D’Or for the 2021-22 season.

Paradoxes of destiny, this one, in which it seems to have shone brightest, he has won it… by the hair. To be more specific, by 1.1% of the votesbecause that is the figure that has differentiated him from Maneopposition leader. Benzema has taken a total of 37.2% of the votes, by 31.1% for Liverpoolgreatly boosted by the feat of having taken Senegal to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (eliminating Salah’s Egypt on penalties).

Benzema poses with the Onze D’Or for the 2021-22 season.

The fight for the trophy has been a duopoly. Because from Mané to the third there is an abyss and to the fourth, a galaxy. The bronze went to Lewandowski, with 10.6% of the votes, while fourth place was the big surprise. Not Mbappé, not Salah, not even Vinicius or Haaland. No. The fourth best player of the entire season, for Onze Mondial magazine, was MendyChelsea goalkeeper, who received 6.6% of the votes.

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Voting for the Onze D’Or, 2021-22 season

Position Player Votes
1st Benzema 37.2%
2nd Mane 36.1%
3rd Lewandowski 10.6%
4th Mendy 6.6%
5th Mahrez 5.8%
6th Mbappe 23%
7th Salah 0.5%
8th Kante 0.4%
9th DeBruyne 0.3%
10th Cristiano Ronaldo 0.1%
11th Haland 0.05%

The truth is that the votes are going to give a lot to talk about. Firstly, because Mbappé has received 2.3% that for some it will be fair and for others, despite the fact that there may be unanimity that it has not been the best, it does not deserve to have such a low figure either. But the matter does not end there. Haaland has only received 0.05% of the votes and Mahrez, was fifth, even ahead of De Bruyne, who in the Ballon d’Or race starts far ahead. The great absences have been Vinicius, Courtois and Kane. Disappeared, directly, from the top-10.

Golden Ball

All these prizes are serving as a thermometer for an award that will be given on October the 17th and that, to this day, seems very much directed towards Benzema. He has been the top scorer in the Champions League (15 goals, just 2 shy of Cristiano Ronaldo’s record) and LaLiga (27). He has also given 15 assists and been the flag of the comebacks, with a hat-trick on the night of PSG and a goal in each extra time against Chelsea and City. Own Messiin an interview with TyC Sports, pointed out that this year it should be for the Real Madrid striker: “Benzema deserves the Ballon d’Or”. At the moment, the rain of awards for the best course of his life does not subside.

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