Berkshire Hathaway praises Apple’s strategy in new interview


Of the most capitalized companies on the planet, only one has been able to reach the significant cap of three trillion dollars in capitalization on the Wall Street stock exchange: Apple. The reasons for his success are numerous, so much so that the co-leader of Berkshire Hathaway Charlie Munger chose to return to these factors during an interview granted to Yahoo! finance.

For the shareholder, these declarations also represent a certain interest given that the AAPL securities represent his most important investment. According to the latest news, the group would thus have more than 5% from the iPhone maker. Much more than Tim Cook for example, current CEO of the manufacturer since Steve Jobs left this position.

High-flying management

For Munger and partner of Warren Buffett, Apple is thus one of the most solid companies, and should remain so in the years to come. Speaking with journalist Andy Serwer, the American adds that this quality stems from an administration almost “indecent” so effective are its results. It must be said that in the last fiscal quarter alone, Apple generated no less than 123.9 billion dollars, or the equivalent of nearly 114 billion euros at the current exchange rate.

Another net benefit according to Munger: the number of loyal clients in Cupertino, a key metric and particularly optimized by the effort of Continuity between the various devices constituting the ecosystem of the firm. We can cite the use of the Messages application, which encourages people to choose Macs or iPads when it comes to equipping themselves with large screens. What the competition does not particularly appreciate.

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Strong expectations in the spring

Remember, however, that although the most recent turnover reported by Apple is indeed a record, there is little chance that the period from January to March will reproduce the same pattern. And for good reason ; this time no Black Friday or Christmas parties. The AAPL share price on the NASDAQ has still not regained its form at the start of the year.

By April, however, the third generation iPhone SE should be released, which promises to be a real success on a global scale with a price perhaps under 400 euros.

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