Best Way To Preserve Ice Cream In Freezer & What Is The Reason

best way to preserve ice cream

If you are an ice cream lover, you will love knowing the best way to preserve ice cream in the freezer.

If you are an ice cream lover you probably try to always have a jar available in the freezer. Especially in these summer days in which the strenuous heat becomes present, does not exist the best ally to refresh us than ice cream.

When it comes to talking about the correct ice cream storage we do not think beyond placing it immediately frozen to prevent melting, however it is very likely that you do not store the ice cream tubs in the right way.

Specialists in the world of ice cream as is the case with the popular brand Ben & Jerry´s have talked about the importance of monitor the position in which we place the tubs. In fact, they point out that the simple fact of serving a couple of ice cream scoops and put it back in the freezer upright is completely wrong.

According to an iconic and popular refrigerator chain based in the United States, the best way to preserve ice cream jars is to do it the other way around.

What Is The Reason For This Preservation Method?

The master experts of the ice cream empire point out that keep the jars with the lid upside down and the bottom side up is the infallible advice to avoid unpleasant “Freezer burn.” Surely you have experienced it, it is when crystals of thick, watery ice at the top of the jar. Although it is not an aspect that puts at risk product food safety, significantly deteriorates the quality: spoils its sweet taste and the characteristic ice cream texture.

This process occurs when moisture leaks out of the ice cream and joins forces with the air, to finally return to freeze the surface. The chances of these burns are also very likely to increase when we take the container out of the freezer to serve the ice cream and we do not put it back in the correct position.

Another very important aspect to preventing these burns that deteriorate the quality of any ice cream is to monitor the freezer temperature, remember that you should always stay for below zero degrees. It is also important to keep it in the rear of the freezer drawer, which is a good measure to prevent the hot air invade the ice cream every time you open the door.

For those occasions when you wish to soften the ice cream terrine a bit before eating it, just leave it to room temperature a few minutes. Avoid at all costs use the microwave as it destroys the delicate ice cream structure and deteriorates its qualities.

Last but not least avoid subjecting the ice cream to drastic changes in temperature remember when you freeze again partially melted ice cream the freezer burn and not only that makes the crystals return to grow bigger and even more crisp.

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