beta 1 is out

macOS Monterey 12 fond jaune

Just days after unveiling macOS 12.4, Apple has done it again with macOS 12.5. This is for once a first beta available for download, for all those registered and registered in the beta test program for developers.

As with iOS 15.6, at this stage, nothing special has been spotted in terms of significant new features. This would be a priori only the provision of security patches and performance improvements.

If you are testers, do not hesitate to share with us, in the comments, your discoveries under macOS 12.5, or even bugs and problems.

Because, we mention it regularly, it is not recommended to update your main work machine to a version still in beta test. The risks of losing your data are still there, the stability of the system is obviously not guaranteed, by definition of the term “beta-testing”.

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