Beta 5 available for iOS 16, watchOS 9 and iPadOS 16

iOS 16

Apple deployed several new versions of its mobile OS yesterday evening, including the fifth beta of iOS 16. To install it, follow these tips, but be careful: incidents can affect your smartphone after downloading, so it’s better to wait until the public beta which should arrive in a few days.

iOS 16

  • Weather report : new design for maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Autonomy : it is again possible to display the percentage of remaining battery at the top right of the iPhone, in the status bar where the strength of the Wi-Fi network is also located (go to Settings > Battery to display this icon). Attention, it seems that the third generation iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini are not yet compatible. This option was gone with the arrival of iPhone Xs and notches several years ago.
  • Lock screen : the media player has disabled Perspective Zoom (but this is probably only temporary) and the playback widget now changes according to the music played, while the buttons also offer slightly smoother animations.
  • AppleWatch : when you use the watch to locate your iPhone, a sound alert is emitted; this one is now a little different.
  • Screenshot : now, when you take a screenshot, iOS 16 directly prompts you to “Copy and Delete” the image thanks to a dedicated shortcut.
Copy and Delete iOS 16

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  • AppleMusic : albums supporting Dolby Atmos and Audio Lossless indicate this more clearly, useful for those who have compatible pairs of AirPods
  • Pictures : new splash screen announcing enhanced features
  • House : new splash screen announcing enhanced features
  • Apple Maps : new splash screen announcing enhanced features
  • Reminders : new splash screen announcing enhanced features
iOS 16 beta 5iOS 16 beta 5

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iPadOS 16

For iPads, we find some of the above changes since this operating system is a variation of iOS 16 for large screens. Several bug fixes as well, especially on the side of emojis and SwiftUI. Details here.

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watch OS 9

Ditto for the Apple Watch; the editor solves some technical issues reported in previous weeks. However, we have not detected any additional functionality at this time.

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