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date de sortie iPadOS 16

In short :

  • supposed release: October 14
  • Stage Manager delays
  • public beta available
  • developer beta available
  • RC 1: August 22 or 23

This will not be the first time in Apple’s history that a delay has been encountered before the deployment of a major update. As the usual September keynote that Apple should organize in Cupertino approaches, rumors are multiplying about the postponed release date of the iPadOS 16 software, contrary to a deployment at the same time as iOS the previous three times. And several potential explanations follow one another since the beginning of these rumors.

Among these, we can especially cite that of the setbacks encountered by the functionality Internship Manager. Announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022, it revisits the multitasking mode of the iPad by capitalizing on the intelligent resizing of windows and the layering of apps to work more efficiently. Except that precisely… the development of this solution would not go at all as planned, encountering repeated bugs. So many technical problems that must be corrected with beta versions that keep on coming, without the release date of iPadOS 16 RC (release candidate) being known to date.

Another month of waiting?

These are all the clues that converge towards a single guess for the release date of iPadOS 16: October 2022. To arrive at such a guess, analysts like Mark Gurman first studied the old keynotes of Apple, which did not deprive itself of a second edition during, precisely, the tenth months of the years 2018, 2020 and 2021. It would therefore not be very surprising to see the process repeat itself in the next quarter, Apple taking advantage of this so also to unveil new Macs.

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For comparison, the last events referred to here took place on October 18, 2021, October 13, 2020 and October 30, 2018. Respectively a Monday, a Tuesday and again a Tuesday. It is also often this second day of the week that is favored by Apple for conferences in California, and most of the time around a month after the first keynote in September. Logically, it therefore seems wise to aim October 14, 2022 for the iPadOS 16 release date, as many are already assuming that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will be announced on September 7 (it often takes seven days between the keynote and the public update). This information remains of course to be considered with a certain precaution, including a margin of error of ten days to stick to the other bets of the moment.

iPadOS 16

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iPadOS 16 beta release date

It is also worth remembering that you can test an advanced version of iPadOS16 right now, in public beta. Since July 11, everyone has access to it on request as explained right here for the iPhone (the process is substantially identical on the tablet). The latest iPadOS 16 beta is the sixth and it’s here August 15, 2022 for the developers first, for the others a few hours later. This is the first – and the only one, we hope, but nothing is less certain – RC which should follow next.

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Good to know, however: there is no point in rushing to the release date of the next beta of iPadOS 16, because Apple expects in exchange that you give it feedback on any incidents. It is certainly not mandatory, but to play the game and even to guarantee you a smooth experience, better to wait until the final version if you are not among the most knowledgeable users. What’s more, you will be sure that after the release date of this Apple will be able to offer you free and flawless support in the event of a problem.

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