Better Apple Products Without Jony Ive?

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A new article published by the famous magazine Bloomberg – this time without Mark Gurman in pen – praises the qualities of the new Apple products. Starting with the latest MacBook Pros. For the media of the east coast, these are indeed improving seriously, notably thanks to the return of the HDMI socket but also to the abandonment of the Touch Bar, “impossible to use without looking at it“.

But where the author’s (Alex Webb) arguments can divide is when he points directly at Jony Ive. Indeed, it would be since he left Apple that the firm would have preferred to focus more on functionality than appearance. The Magic Keyboard, for example, has also been integrated again on Cupertino laptops since the end of 2019 in order to stop the error of the butterfly mechanism.

The artist always very close to the Apple

Jony Ive, however, was probably involved in the creation of this “new” keyboard, given that it left Apple a few days before its release even though the brand is known to prepare its devices many months in advance. What’s more, the Briton still works closely with Cupertino. Along with other big names such as Airbnb, the company is one of the clients of its LoveFrom agency.

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It was also within the framework of this collaboration that the twenty-four-inch iMac was born. Adopting straighter lines reminiscent of the most recent iPads and iPhones, this one is available in multiple colors and is a radical change from its predecessors.

A significant influence

Jony Ive’s aura on future Apple announcements does not seem to be going away anytime soon. What is more, the man remains the one who will have transformed the manufacturer from a simple computer salesman to that of a true high-end props maker. We owe him the curves of the iPod and the iPad, the second being still to this day the most popular tablet in the world with millions of dollars in sales each quarter.

The official LoveFrom website has been online since this month but remains very enigmatic. The order book is therefore probably already well stocked, with Ferrari cars on the work plan as well.

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