Bidi Bidi Trump Trump? Selena Quintanilla’s father withdraws from campaign in support of Donald Trump

Bidi Bidi Trump Trump? Selena Quintanilla's father withdraws from campaign in support of Donald Trump

The Quintanilla family does not want the image of the Queen of Tex Mex to be used for Donald Trump’s rally

Abraham Quintanilla, the father of the late American singer Selena Quintanilla, sent this Thursday through his lawyers a letter demanding the organizer of a political rally in favor of Donald Trump in Texas, stop using your daughter’s image for proselytizing purposes.

The Quintanilla have never associated Selena with partisan policies to preserve her legacy“Indicates the letter sent to Joe Michael Pérez, a Trump supporter who is organizing a political activity at a monument to the singer in that state.

This individual has appropriated the name, image and things related to Selena, including the use of merchandise and clothing representing Selena, to make himself seen as important, without seeking, much less obtaining the support of the Quintanilla“Adds the letter sent by the Singh, Singh & Trauben, LLP law firm.

In June, Pérez shared a photo of the statue of Selena in the city of Corpus Christi, in which he had placed the red baseball cap that characterizes Trump supporters and that bears the slogan of his campaign “Make America Great Again “

Since then, he began to put “Bidi Bidi Trump Trump” as a propaganda slogan on his social networks, referring to “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”, one of the artist’s most popular songs, which was assassinated in 1995.

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The Quintanilla family assured in their communication that they do not want to restrict anyone’s “freedom of expression or assembly”, so they ask that political activity be moved from place in favor of the current US president, who will compete again for the White House in the elections of the next 3 November.

However, in a publication on his Facebook account, Pérez assured that he has no intention of changing his plans and invited his followers to appear in the area where the statue is with promotional items from the Trump campaign.

The letter, which includes the legal terms “cease and desist,” is the latest negative reaction from the art world to Trump’s campaign campaign initiatives.

Similar steps have been taken by the Rolling Stones to Tom Petty’s family after his music was included in pro-reelection activities for Trump.


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